Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Chain 477 and a Winner!

I've had a lovely post planned for days to show you my latest WIP.  I was rather thrilled with this project, the mere fact I got past the first step in the instruction - chain 477 was something of a miracle....

Now, just quickly, before we go any further, can anyone explain why blogger has decided to load all my photos sideways?  It's very annoying.

Anyway, back to the story. So I found this magazine in the back of my linen closet between some sheets. Not sure where it came from.  Anyhow, it's oldish, contains some rather interesting clothing patterns, but I flipped through it anyway and came across the Pennsylvania Dutch Cafe pattern.  
Ah ha! I thought. 
I've been looking for a pattern like this.  Something lovely to hang in my kitchen window and hide the fact they need a good wash.  So I got stuck in.  Now normally, the old 'chain anything over 100' would send a pattern packing in my world, but for whatever reason (more likely a moment of insanity) I got stuck in.  All went swimmingly. I chained a few too many, but what the heck, I just had a little bit extra on either side of the pattern.  I hooked a few rows, noticed a mistake, frogged it back to the mistake  and started back on my merry way.  It was taking quite a bit of concentration (not my strong point) and counting.  This happened about three times and then I started to get annoyed, but I was determined.  Now as I was planning out my little blog post and photographing merrily I noticed a mistake four rows*t....not a teeny tiny mistake, but a great big bl**dy heck type whopper mistake. I studied it, try to think of a solution to fix it.  Stretch it out one way and then another, thinking making a bit of blocking would fix it.  
Not happening. 
 So I huffed and I puffed....
and I frogged it back to the mistake and then........

.....threw the whole thing in the back of the cupboard. 

Where it shall stay FOREVER.

When you have the concentration span of a gnat and your counting skills go something like this 
....23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 30....
there is no hope for anything that starts...'chain 477'.  
What was I thinking???

Anyhoo, you live and learn and thankfully there is still room at the back of my 'closet of mistakes'.  I'm back to my crochet stripe blanket where my counting skills are not needed.  

And before I finish this ramble, a little thank you for all the lovely ladies who stop by my blog and entered my quiet little giveaway.  I'm just sad I don't have a bunting bag to send to everyone. But I am sending you all an enormous hug and thank you.  Oh and before I forget, the winner!  I asked Little J to just pick a name out of basket (sorry no photos) and the winner was Regula!!!  Please stop by and visit her blog, she is one very talented lady.

Toodle Pip!  Louise  x 

P.S. Regula, can you please email me (  I can't seem to find your email address.


  1. Oh how I know your feelings - what a shame but maybe one day you'll make a cafe curtain for your kitchen window using a simpler pattern. It's so frustrating isn't it and I too have a closet of mistakes where stuff gets chucked! Lucky Regula she will love the bag I know.

  2. I feel your pain! I think the first two rows of any crochet pattern are just the WORST, I hate starting projects. Even if I count out loud I still miss numbers out and add extra ones in!? And then there's the horrible row trying to crochet into a chain that does NOT want to be crocheted in. Drives me nuts!

  3. I just feel I will have a give awy soon. :-)


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