Tuesday, July 8, 2014

♥ Bunting Bag ♥

I've spent a lovely day off work stitching like mad.  Not stopping to eat or drink, just busily sewing and I have to say it's been a GREAT day.  

I've been blogging for 5 and a half years now and it really has changed my life. I know that sounds a little ridiculous, but it really has. I've 'met' so many wonderful people across the world and have not only enjoy their friendship, but appreciated their support very much.  

Today, after a wonderful day of stitching another bag which I do not need, but I loved making I had a thought.  Heaven knows my linen cupboard does not need another bag tossed into it's messy depths either but upon thinking about this latest bag, which I think has turned out okish and would be rather handy for carrying your lunch and perhaps your latest WIP, I thought maybe someone out there in the blogisphere might like it?  What do you think? If you are interested in this little handmade bunting bag, please just pop a comment below and I'll do a little drawing in say a week's time?  Oh and I'll be happy to ship it anywhere in the world.

Toodles L x 


  1. It's lovely and any blogger would love to win it, I know I would but I already have my lovely little wall hanging made by you so I'll pass on this one to give someone else a chance.

    1. Thank you Jane! I always think of you when I make another bag and smile when I wonder if it will be destined for the 'back of the cupboard' as you once told me many of your items end up.

    2. Much nicer to give the things we make to someone who will love and use them which is what I do these days! Looks like there are plenty of takers for the beautiful bag.

  2. its such a pretty bag. I think it is definitely a perfect bag for WIP especially things like wool and bags of beads ;) I would love to own something so lovingly made by you :) please put me in the draw!!

  3. Ahh I love it! I can't resist bunting in any form...

  4. I love this bag! But then, I do have a penchant for bunting...

  5. Oh, I love this bag. :-) It would be a shame to store it in the depth of a closet. I'd love to be in the draw.

  6. Love the idea of the bunting on your bag, such a happy "smily" bag, it would be llovely to carry my knitting projects to class in

  7. I opened this blog, looked at the bag and proclaimed "I want that Bag" That was even before I knew it was going to be a "Giveaway"
    I love the shape, the colours, the bunting, and most of all, the hand stitching. I have never attempted anything like that myself.
    I want, I want. Stamp foot etc.
    Big hugs


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