Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What's Up?

Long time, no blog.  The age old story.  What's up with that I ask?  Not much really, days just been getting away from me...August is here and...I've been...

  • Working - still, by the skin of my teeth, seems this job will drive me crazy before I'm let go.
  • Sewing - new curtains for the living room. Bit of a disappointment, but they work
  • Taxing - Big J back and forth to the airport (2.5 hours each way!) for him to go off on a lovely jolly to Colorado and leave his old Mum at home.
  • Dining - not me that is, but the mosquitoes on me!  I've become the local mozzie buffet.  Little buggers love me.
  • Scratching - I'm one bit itch thanks to those mozzies. I'll spare you the photo, but I'm one of those people that only have to have a mozzie buzz past me and I break out in an controllable itch.
  • Contemplating - places I can move to where there are no pesky mosquitoes.  Any suggestions?
  • Mess making - on my bed, in front of the TV watching Salvage Hunters on Netflix. I want that job.
  • Hooking - not on the street corner, but the above little doodad.  Yes, another bag.  Look out linen closet! Actually I like it. Lovely soft cotton and sparkly bits of silver and gold.  Totally mismatched weights and types of yarn, but what the heck!  I loved stitching this little bag. It needs a lining, I will tackle that task tomorrow.
  • Waiting -  to see if the Mr. can get Big J's new/old 1973 Monte Carlo running.  Poor boy just bought the beast of a car, drove it three times, went away on vacation and now it won't run!  I told him old cars are like the lottery, you'll spend more money hoping to win and losing most of the time.
  • Snuggling - with the new little addition to our house! Charlie!  After 15 years we bid a sad farewell to our lovely old Dachshund, Lucie three weeks ago and within four days we welcomed Charlie. It was fate and as much as I said no no no more dogs, we saw little lost Charlie and new he was meant to be a part of our family.  Sally, our other Dachshund is happy to have the company.
Well that's it really.  Not much, nothing exciting, just the same old same old.

What's up with you?  Anything fun?

Toodles...L x 


  1. Sounds like normal life really! Sorry about the mosquitos though - you could come here where we don't get many of the little blighters. Can see why that little dog made you change your mind about no more canines! Love the bag too and hope the car can be started and last a little longer for yur son.

  2. Nice little detail on the bag. Its a good job there are lots of Peanuts characters to name all the pets you have (my fave is Pigpen, cant remember if you have/had a pet called that) Charlie is so sweet. I too love Netfilix for crafting company, finally got to watch Madmen, loved the outfits.

  3. Hello Charlie, may you live long and prosper.


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