Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Treasures...

I've been doing a little treasure hunting these last few weekends.......



  • Beautiful new/old bedside tables that fit perfectly in our teeny tiny bedroom. We desperately needed them and the drawers are perfect for storage.  They were originally part of a Waterfall style dressing table with a low table top between them and a large round mirror.  The mirror and table were long gone when I found these beauties and they had the most hideous faux wood paint job I've ever seen. It took some convincing with the Mister, who couldn't see beyond the hideous paint job, that they would be perfect for a room. Surprisingly we both came up with the same colour idea and the Mister did a magnificent job painting them. At $10 for both, these were an absolute bargain.
  • A near perfect copy of 'A Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady'.  Just can't get enough of the pictures in this book, simply  beautiful.
  • A little wooden bead purse collection has begun. I love these little purses, simply for decoration of course. I wish I knew more about them and how old they are.  Any ideas?
  • The Mister discovered this fabulous dresser for our teeny tiny bedroom.  Nice and tall, not too wide and a perfect fit and absolute steal.
  • Another budding and inexpensive collection.  Merit Cards(excuse the wonky last photo, it will not right itself).  Again, I simply love the illustrations and wonder how old they are?  The three in the photo are all made out to the same young girl.  I have a few of these now and someday I hope to have them framed.
I love my weekend treasure hunting.  I never spend more than a few dollars as I have a serious case of long arms and short pockets.  Just a great way to de-stress from my horrible weeks at work!
Well the weather here is glorious and sunny and I must get outside to give the garden a good water. We've harvested our first batch of kale this evening and I think Big J has kale chips in mind. YUM!
I do hope all is well with you, thank you for stopping by.  All the best for a great week!
Toodles...L x ♥


  1. Lucky you! :-) Great finds. I wish you a nice week. Regula

  2. What great finds, I instantly thought the bedside tables looked part of dressing table, love the colour. A good chest of drawers in hard to find (at a reasonable price of course) Lucky you. Its Raining, again.


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