Thursday, February 27, 2014

This & That

Sorry I've been gone so long. I've been thinking about my blog lately, but honestly didn't think I've had anything remotely interesting to say.  So I'll summarize the last few weeks:
  • The weather has been up and down, snow, snow and more snow, then 60's on the weekend, mega snow melting going on with water everywhere you don't want it and the polar vortex is back today so all that water is now frozen solid - fun times.  NOT.  Please spring, hurry up!
  • The Mister has installed a new light in the stairwell.  After 15 years of begging and falling down the stairs, the light is in. I love it.
  • I've been sewing and swearing.  ALOT.  Sewing that is, swearing only a little, because these little dresses can be fiddly as all get out.  But they are CUTE.  Thinking (?) opening a little shop, but probably won't.  Far too critical of my work unfortunately.
  • Making things girly in the living room, or as I like to call it Xbox central.  The second TV that was relocated to the living room over Christmas is STILL there. No chance now I'll ever get to watch Downton on the big screen again, just my little Ipad.  Not that it matters now since it's finished now, for another year. 12 more months to work on reclaiming the big TV.  Best get cracking on it.
  • Thrifty.  I've found a lovely collection of Fire King cups and saucers over the last few months. I love them and I should probably take them out of the fancy stuff cupboard and use them.  The plate however is too nice to risk to my ever increasing tendency to drop things.
  • Secreted in the back of the fancy cupboard I found this tiny silver bunny. I forgot I had him.  He's too cute.  Actually, I think he's a hare, more than a bunny.
So that's it really.  Not much to say.  No yarny stuff going on, other than spilling over out of baskets in every corner of the house.

What's new with you?  All is well I hope.

Must be off!  Back to work....uggghhhh....

Toodles...L x ♥

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunday Drive

Sometimes on Sundays,when my mind won't settle the Mister takes me out for a drive.
We dream about moving out of the our little town, to the wilds of West Virginia. We go on a long drives, taking back roads, searching and looking for the perfect spot.  Far away from the crowds of town where we can have our own quiet patch.

Yesterday, I think we found it.
Vast fields, beautiful trees, mountains and a little stream.

Toodles...L x 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

February and all that SNOW!

February 2014 has been quite a snowy month so far.
It snowed three times last week, not piddly snow, but big bucket fulls of snow.  Come to think of it, I think it snowed the week before!  I've lost track....
Anyway, the kids love it, Pigpen loves it and I've been mesmerized by it. Watching those tiny flakes fall from the sky and covering up the grey of winter.
I love this snow, but this week, for some unknown reason, I've been missing home.
Perhaps it's because whilst I've been freezing, my lovely family has been baking in the hot Australian sun.
Somedays, like these snowy February days I miss that warm sun and the smell of eucalyptus.

So whilst the snow fell and my thoughts turned to home, I sewed.
A little patchwork quilt, not quite finished, but looking lovely in the snow.

I hope the weather is making you happy and for my poor friends and family across the pond in the U.K., I do hope it starts to dry up a little over there.

Toodles...L x 

P.S. After finishing this post, I looked out the window to see it is snowing, again!