Friday, February 27, 2015

Feb 27 - Friday Smile

Yarny goodness that after many, many, many false starts and frustrating moments is finally working. No pattern to follow, just whatever takes my fancy. In under a week it's nearly done.  Can't wait to share!

Happy Friday, wishing you a lovely weekend.

Toddles...L x ♥

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Feb 19 - Frosty

It's been brrrrrr freezing here the last few days.  So far Little J has only had one day of school this week and they've already cancelled school for tomorrow.  We've drawn the curtains and made the house as freeze proof as possible and bundled up in layers and wool blankets as the temperature tomorrow isn't supposed to get above 0°F and that's not taking into consideration the howling wind.  It's been snowing and blowing all day and they are calling for more inches this weekend.  So i'm off to enjoy the latest episode of American Pickers and snuggle under my current WIP, a lovely woolly ripple.

I do hope it's warmer where you are!

Toodles....L x ♥

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Feb 18 - Franklin

It's no surprise that the Mister bought me another old sewing machine for Valentines Day, nothing makes me happier as I just love old machines. Nothing is more satisfying that finding a beautiful old machine tucked away in some corner of a antique store, cleaning and polishing and getting it sewing again. This one was well and truly squished in behind tables and chairs, hidden in a dark corner and we had to move quite a bit to get to it, but there is no hiding an old sewing machine from me. ☺  At first I couldn't get the cabinet door open, but then the owner informed me there was a little button in the door knob to push.  We purchased the machine without actually seeing it the daylight, which is a bit of a risk. I've done this before, my first Franklin and first treadle and it was a mistake. The backside of the machine was in very very poor condition and that poor machine I took apart, sold the useful pieces on eBay for other folks to use and sent the actual machine head for scrap.  It made me sad, but it was beyond repair, no amount of polishing and cleaning helped.  At least it's bits and pieces were used by other restoring old machines.  This machine, on the other hand, is beautiful. Stunning really and I would say, barely used.  The cabinet, as you can see from the photos, is quite ornate - may crap photos don't do it justice. It has the handy function of lifting up the machine when you lift the lid.  I'd say this machine is probably almost 100 years old - no dating on Franklin machines.  It sews like a dream, I just love it. I never thought I would like the vibrating shuttle machines with their funny bullet shuttles, but I have two treadles  now and my Singer 128 which are all vibrating shuttles and despite having what looks like small bobbins, they actually hold quite a lot of thread.  Anyway, I won't waffle on anymore, the photos say it all, this one is definitely one of my favorite machines.

Toodles...L x ♥

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Feb 12 - More Little Furniture

Happy Thursday almost the end of the week. 
This was going to be a post about knitting my first sock, but last night 'turning the heel' turned into 'turning an almost sock back into a ball of sock wool' followed by tears, feet stomping and a little temper tantrum.  Not surprisingly, sock knitting is on hold.
So, onto something a little more positive.
The other day the Mister and I were both off work so we took a little trip over the mountain and over the above very very frozen lake (Lake Youghiogheny to be precise) to Pennsylvania seeking out a new and exciting flea market.  I have to tell you we left to sunny skies, reached the top of the first mountain and encountered a blizzard, drove down the mountain to blue skies and a frozen lake.  It was quite the adventure.

The flea market/antique store was brimming with treasures at very affordable prices.  The Mister and I declared it a little piece of flea market heaven.  We will definitely be going back, perhaps when there is less snow in the forecast.

I found this sweet, but absolutely filthy, little dresser. I bit like the one I found last year.  I'm not sure what I fell in love with first, the sweet little decals or the beautiful tiny glass drawer knobs.  At first I feared they might be new, but no, they are definitely not.  The screw that holds them in place is well and truly rusted in place. It's quite fragile and missing one dowel rod between the drawers, but the Mister is confident that can be repaired.  He feared I may want to paint it or sand it, but I love it just the way it is!
The Mister also found a treasure, it was already marked down to an incredibly low price and without haggling the owner took even more off the price.  Too good a deal for the Mister to pass up.
 Those who know me well will know exactly what it is.  ☺
A little early valentines present for me!
Photos to follow on this's a beauty.
Hope you all have a lovely Friday!  I'll be back soon.
Toodles...L ♥

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Feb 8 - Sunday Sewing with Spud

Since Spud has decided she doesn't like to wear her collar and since Charlie has decided Spud's collar makes a great chew toy (he has destroyed three in the last two weeks), Spud is no longer allowed outside - too many looneys in my neighborhood and too many missing cats.  Spud has therefore decided her every waking moment should involve investigating whatever it is I am trying to do.  I love her company when I wash the dishes or do the laundry, but so far the only thing she knows how to do when I am sewing is either sit on whatever I am working on or steal my pins.  Cat is obsessed with pulling the pins out of  my pincushion, which of course is not a good idea.

Despite Spud's help, I managed to baste the quilt I started way back when I broke my leg.  As I didn't have enough batting for the quilt and didn't want to buy any, I decided to baste it to a heavy white tablecloth I bought on sale years ago.  I was surprised how easily it went together, hardly any wrinkles when I topstitched the quilt, despite Spud being my only assistant when I laid the quilt top on the tablecloth and pinned them together.  I used a flea market find sewing machine the Mister bought me way back in the summer. I love Singer 128 blackside (all the decorative plates are painted black) from 1947.  It sews a beautiful slightly diagonal (but still straight) stitch.  Even though it is a vibrating shuttle, with the long bobbins that seem to constantly need refilling, I just love sewing on it. It sat at the flea market for months and months, with the wooden domed case firmly locked and seemingly un-openable.  It was a little overpriced for something I couldn't actually see, but when they slashed the price by 75% I decided it was worth the risk.  It came with it's own key, but the lock had been bent so it would just open with a turn of the key. It only took the Mister a few minutes to get the case open once we got it home.  A little oil, some cleaning and it was sewing right away. Not bad for being 68 years old.  Definitely worth every penny.
I was so happy for a day of sunshine today (we are having trying times with our neighbor again), I had the windows open and my lovely Spud helping me sew.  It was a great day.
I do hope all is well with you.
Toodles....L x ♥