Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Dragging yourself back into the real world after a three day weekend is never fun in my books.  After waking up late, no less than three trips back to house in our attempts to make the school run (missed the bus, forgot cream for funk on 12 year old's chin, forgot lunch money, then realized 12 year old's shorts were dirty!), being moaned at the whole way to school that he would be late and it was ALL my fault. Arriving home to find no milk, therefore no pre-work cup of tea and then finally dragging myself back to my work desk only to find the Mister had left me two surprise letters on my desk - doctors bills I'm afraid, nothing fun, just a reminder I have the worlds most expensive ankle, my mood was now pretty foul. To make matters worse, I then had to spend the day looking wistfully at the mess I made yesterday which I had spent with my beautiful sewing machine.  I half longed to continue my sewing spree and half wished I hadn't left such a mess!!!
My mood improved by lunch time when the little cardinal came to visit and my silly phone cooperated with a photo, albeit a wee bit blurry. 
 She is a beautiful little lady and I would sure love to see her man as they have the most beautiful fire engine red feathers.
 Just as my day at work was finally coming to an end, the most amazing storm rolled through.

I love a good afternoon storm in our mountains. No lightning to be seen, but a few good rolls of thunder.  It belted down for a good fifteen minutes and then it was all over.  I am thankful I won't have to water the flowers tonight!
I'd be a tab bit more thankful if Mrs Spudniski would find an alternate place to hang out rather than on top of the flowers I've just planted.  Of course I'd be entirely thankful if she could convince the neighbor cat, Skittles, to find some place other than my flower bed to do his 'business'!  We've aptly replaced the 'k' in his name with an 'h'.

Well I must be off!  I've just remembered that Shittles Skittles left me another calling card this morning and I must dispose of it!

Happy Tuesday!  Thank you for stopping by.

Toodles....L x 


  1. Sounds like normal life - good bits and bad! Love that cat even if she does sit on your flowers.

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog. My boys are young men now but I do miss all the hustle and bustle.
    Have you tried keeping a used washing-up liquid bottle filled with water to squirt at Mr Skittles when he visits your garden?
    Enjoy your day.

    1. Hi Cally, Thank you for stopping by. I wish I could catch that cat in action. I've only seen him once and I wasn't prepared. I think he stops by late at night. I'll have to keep a spray bottle handy.

  3. Ha sounds so familiar except here in the uk we have a half term holiday now!
    I love your machine it looks lovely is it a modern version of the old style singer..Fab!!
    thank you foe finding me and leaving such a lovely comment I am following you on bloglovn now!!
    bestest Daisy j x

    1. Hi Daisy, Thank you for your lovely comment. My machine is from 1963 or 64, but I think it was hardly used. I have quite a collection of old machines, I should do a post on them.


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