Tuesday, April 15, 2014


It's officially out of hand.  My first custom Blythe.  Isn't she amazing?
(Not my photos, from the eBay listing)

I don't spend money on fancy clothes, expensive make up or hairdos (the Mister cuts and colours my hair and I rarely wear makeup) and we don't go on lavish holidays (in fact we rarely go anywhere), so when I fell in love with this girl on eBay, the Mister said go ahead.  I placed one very low bid and figured it would be out bid and not meant to be.  For whatever reason mine was the only bid!  It was meant to be.  I have vowed to buy no more and mean it.

I know this isn't a blythe doll blog, but to me she is a piece of art, a creation from someone's heart (Lady Alice in Kansas) and she is a little light of happiness in my grey days.

Thank you for putting up with this post, I promise to be back before the end of the week with a little bit of patchwork.

Toodles...L x


  1. She is sweet, I see a whole new wardrobe of clothes on the horizon.
    louise x

    1. Thank you! Yes, I've dream up all sort of little dresses to create.

    2. She's beautiful. From the pictures it seems she has a very sweet and gentle air about her. I'd love to hear what her name is. Thank you for stopping by on my blog because it means that I've found your blog - which is just lovely. <3


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