Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hello & Goodbye :: This Week

Apologies for my absence, yet again, I was struck down by a nasty bout of Bronchitis and in those days after recovery life has dealt us with some challenges that were at moments unbearable. Fortunately, spring arrived during these days and in a small way made things just a little more bearable.
Last Monday we said goodbye to our beloved Pigpen.  After 17 long and beautiful years it was unfortunately time.  We fought it for for three weeks to no avail.  Right up until the last day, she made every effort to greet us as we came and went, but while her mind was willing, her body was tired.
 To say she was the best dog in the world would be an understatement.  Loyal, loving, obedient, kind and careful, she was beautiful.  We miss her.
 To add insult to injury, work has been the pits.  After 19 years, last 5 of which have seen our small group out dwindle to almost nothing it is apparent my work situation is going to end.  When this will happen, I don't know, but the wait and not knowing is driving me nuts. I'm feeling a bit bitter watching our jobs move offshore to low cost countries as those at the top continue to line their pockets. I won't give up till the end because I am loyal to my boss and also because finding a job in our area with similar compensation will be next to none and I want what little payout I'll get at the end. I'm not entirely sure why I am sharing this, but it is therapeutic to put it in words. To say I am terrified is an understatement.  The Mister doesn't understand, he doesn't do emotional listening very well. I am incredibly shy, so the thought of moving on to a place that is foreign terrifies me.  I know that sounds nuts for someone who has traveled the world, but meeting new people is my biggest nightmare, especially in our small town where everyone knows everyone and I'm still considered an outsider after 18 years.  Secretly I am hoping this will be a change for the good. At least I keep telling myself that.  My Mum always said "Change is as good as a holiday", so lets hope she was right.

Ok enough, but THANK YOU for listening.  

Onto something brighter.

Spring has arrived and this year she is beautiful!
The apple tree is in fine form after only two blossoms last year and no apples, this year it has gone bonkers.  I love it.

 The Mister has finally cut down the evergreens that were leaning precariously after Hurricane Sandy and put back the beautiful forsythia that was there before them.  I love forsythia, as soon as I see it's bright yellow flowers I know spring is finally here.
 I found this delightful little jug at the flea market last week and put it to use immediately to enjoy the last of the daffodils inside.
On another bright note, about four weeks ago we had two little additions to our household I thought you might like to meet.
Here is Miss Toast.  Yes, Toast, because who doesn't love Toast?  She's a sweet little piggy who loves to run at high speed around her house.  She loves to get outside in the beautiful sunshine to nibble on the grass. 
 Here is Miss Twiggy, our little chatterbox. I swear she never stop chattering, it almost sounds like she is sending Morse code!  She is very sweet and fond of our other g-piggy.....
 ....Woody. Miss Twiggy and Mr. Woody are quite friendly.  Of course we keep the bars of the pens between them.  Three guinea piggies is quiet enough for us!
 The piggies have been enjoying quite a bit of grass time this week thanks to the fantastic warm spring weather. Spud is always present when they are outside.  Woody runs around on the grass quite free chasing her, it's hysterical. That G-Pig just loves that cat. We keep Twiggy & Toast in a little pen, they're not quite so tame and still quite tiny. Spud is intrigued by them, but we keep her at a safe distance.

 She's just been scolded for stalking the girl piggies.
 Well it's another beautiful sunny day here today.  If you're still with me on this post, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it to the end and listening.  The words on this little blog from me are often a challenge to write, but I always feels so much better and your little words of encouragement mean the world to me.

Thank you!  I hope the sun is shining where you are. I know times are a challenge right now for me, but I know if I persevere it will all make right in the end.

Toodles...L x


  1. Sorry for Pigpen... loosing a dog is awful. I'm sure you'll be alright in a new job, you seem like such a great person to talk to, you have such a great deal of things to talk about!! I'd love being your colleague :-)

  2. I'm so sorry th hear that you lost your beloved dog. I'm also sorry to hear of you losing your job. I had an awful time jobwise too. Not knowing what will happen next is awful. Life is not fair, we know that, but I think that how you get to know about a bad work situation and how all together deal with the problems is another. I lovve your mother's view of things. So challenging rather than depressing. All the best to you! Regula

  3. Oh Louise, so sorry to hear about Pigpen, it is such an emotional time.I do hope something good comes from your work situation. You never know whats around the corner; something new and exciting I hope. It is so hard coming out of our comfort zone. But when we do and conquer it, its such a good feeling, best wishes louise x

  4. Very sad to hear about you loosing Pigpen. I know I shan't have my lovely Taff much longer so I really feel for you. Loosing ones dog is akin to loosing a family member. Taff is only 14 but that is elderly for a Briard, especially when the Vet voiced surprise at seeing her back for her booster jabs in February.
    Your g.pigs look so lovely, they are such friendly little souls.
    Our apple tree, when I was a youngster, only fruited properly every other year.


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