Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More Little Stitches

I think it might be obvious that I've fallen in love with these fabric prints. I bought them very cheaply from an odd warehouse/hardware type store in town.  They don't have a vast selection of fabric in amongst the hammers and nails, but these few prints I thought had quite a vintage feel, without a high price tag. I love the old vintage feed sack prints, sadly many vintage fabrics and their reproduction prints are far outside of my budget.  Anyway, I've fallen in love with making little hand stitched quilts and now I have quite a collection from these prints. I just need to convince the Mister to make me some little quilt hangers so I can display them ☺ .
Toodles...L x ♥


  1. Lovely Louise no wonder you fell in love with these beauties, I have too! They are just incredible and the way you have put the colours together is just stunning. I would give my right arm for some feed sack prints but, like you I would have to win the lottery first! I love your creations Louise, funnily enough I have been thinking of using up all the little bits I have into individual placemats for the little Peeps and now I keen to get going after reading your post. Louise you always come up with some spectacular which is why I love coming over to visit you. Have a really fabulous Easter Louise - sending you huge hugs and loves


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