Monday, November 18, 2013

A Little Floral Satchel

Hello!  Happy was a beautiful sunny day, but as with most Mondays I'm so glad the day is over.
Over the weekend, in a bid to keep my fingers busy and because I have a never ending love of bags, I decided to do a little bag stitching.  It's not perfect, but as I used nothing but what I had on hand, I'm quite happy with it.
I love this floral fabric I found on eBay for a song.  You may recognize it as my blog background - I love it so much I plopped it on my scanner to make an image for my background - yep, confirmed nutter :o).
The navy blue strap didn't quite match the rest of the bag, so I sewed some green bias binding on to tie it all together.  Sorry the photos don't show well, I had some serious Big J/Little J interference when taking photos. It was one of those 'take the photos now moments' or it was never going to get done.
 I always love red gingham - table cloth or bag lining, the colours make me smile.  I remember my Mum always having red gingham curtains in her laundry room and I have loved this pattern ever since.
 A little red ric rac is always just the thing - on the inside pocket and across the back.
 I still need to figure out a proper attachment to close the flap, those elk teeth buttons are really just decoration.
 It's not perfect, it's not the CK bag of my dreams, but it provided me with a few hours of smiling while I stitched and I'll be happy to sling this over my shoulder when I leave the house.
Toodles....L x ♥


  1. It's just lovely - who needs CK anyway! Your bag is a one off not a mass produced design and when you use it you will be reminded of the happy hours spent making it!

  2. I am a fan of red gingham too and the fabric is so lovely. Such a lovely bag, such a lovely combination....

  3. This may make you smile. I had no idea where Cumberland, MD (America I guessed) is. So I Googled you, and at the same time found out that Philadelphia is on the East Coast and not on the West (as I had always assumed, silly me) I am in Basildon, England to the east of London (saves you wondering)
    Love your bag, and Elk teeth buttons, how novel is that!!! I could only dream of Elk teeth ;0)
    I also love gingham, last weekend at a Market I bought lots of different colours to line bags with, so pretty.
    I am going to Berlin, Germany, tomorrow to visit relatives. I hope to find some interesting "stash" there.
    Hugs x

  4. Nice bag Louise what about good velcro to fasten it off. Love those buttons how unique

  5. Louise I really love your bag, it is unique and special, just like you. I particularly love the lining, just gorgeous, my favourite colour. A fantastic post Louise, thanks so much, big hugs


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