Monday, October 13, 2014

Shells & Sunflowers

Some days, more days than ever these days, life has a tendency to crack my little shell and make me feel more of a nut than ever.  But then the love of family and the wonder of nature make me feel safe again (or maybe I should say sane) in my little shell.

Little J planted this sunflower late in the season and Big J captured this beautiful scene on his way in the door and knew  that his dear old Mum was in desperate need of a smile.

Thank you to my wonderful boys and the beautiful world around me!

Toodles....L  xo

PS - This little nut is in need of a desert island far from the loonies also know as my neighbors....arrggghhhh.....


  1. Oh no "not the neighbours!" Loving the picture, was only discussing the other week the fact we hardly ever see butterflies these days, (not like in our childhood days) So sad, such beautiful creatures.

  2. You must wear red underwear! It's a great help against those neigbhbours and anybody who wants to make you feel bad. Have a nice weekend. Regula


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