Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy 13th Halloween

I have all sorts of posts in my mind, things to talk about things to show, but today I just have to post a Happy 13th Halloween to my boy, Little J who turns a big 13 today. 
Finally a teenager.
Today was the very first Halloween without him! He flitted in briefly for cake, which he got stuck into BEFORE I had a chance to put candles on a sing happy birthday, and the flitted out again for trick or treating - without me! 
The reason for his flittiness and urgency... 
You see, I've been replaced.  
And her name is E.  
And she is very nice.  
And they went off trick or treating without me (but with adult supervision, don't worry).
What a marvelous age this 13 business is.

Happy 13th Halloween Birthday Little J!

And Happy Halloween to you too.

Toodles...L x 


  1. Oh yes, we have to be aware of the fact that we won't be the most important woman for our sons forever.
    Happy Halloween. :-)

    1. It is just a shame they grow up so fast!


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