Wednesday, October 1, 2014

♥ October ♥

I know, I've been quiet again.  September has slipped by quietly with very few photos on my camera. I've been plodding along day to day, achieving very little it seems, until this weekend.  This weekend saw a flurry of activity....
  • I turned the dining room/home office/sewing room into a bomb site....and then back into an almost tidy dining room/home office/sewing room.  Almost tidy, with just a tiny bit of clutter, because it wouldn't be my house without a touch of clutter.
  • I started a new/old/new knitting project (no photo yet, don't want to jinx it).  My Paulie Cardigan was nearly finished, just down to one cuff, when I realized that unless I looked like a potato with tooth pick arms it was never going to fit.  While I do possess the potato shape body, getting rounder by the chocolate bar, what I lack is the toothpick arms.  Oh how i wish I had toothpick arms and a toothpick body to go with onward to a new project.  Fingers crossed!
  • I've been enjoying the zinnas and sweet peas from the garden, along with a zillion tomatoes.  My first successful year with sweet peas!  Yay for sweet peas, although I am sad I have no sweet pea seed pods growing so I'll have them for next year.  A marketing ploy to make me buy more seeds I am sure.
  • Loving this sweet roll top sewing box I won on eBay.  Sorry, no exciting bidding war, just my single bid.  The Mister helped me do a little fix with some wood glue and sand paper and the little top rolls like a dream
  • Enjoying the last of the summer flowers in the garden. They'll be gone any day now as the temperatures drop quickly. It is after all October and there will be snow soon.  Big J doesn't believe in snow in October and so I show him this photo.
  • Our newest edition, Sir Charlies, is settling in well....wellish really.  He cries like a baby whenever I leave, it breaks my heart.  He also escapes anytime I leave, so we've been busy building new gates and fixing fences. It's not working, he can squeeze through anything.  He's fine when anyone else leaves, just me.  He has a fetish for socks, rocks and acorns.  All of which I find rather annoying on the living room rug in the morning, but I rather see the rocks on the rug than listen to him throw them up in the air and crash down on our new wood floors.
So there we have it.  
The pumpkin month is upon us and it is almost list summer never happened.  
Why does time go by so fast these days?
I do hope all is well with you.  
Thank you for stopping by, I shall be back.
Toodles..L x 


  1. Awww your new arrival is super cute! :)

  2. I think I would feel at home in your house. I enjoy a bit of clutter.
    What a sweet pup.

  3. I love your dining room. Would be nice to sit there an have a cuppa. :-)


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