Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Small ♥ Scale - The Inner Child is Out

If you're not EVER about indulging your inner child, then best skip this post before you think I've gone totally mad.  Which of course, I may have, but I'm fairly certain thanks to Mr. Google I am not alone.

To the point, about two years ago I came across this delightful blog and have been enjoying the tales of this fabulously crafty lady and the amazing things she makes and finds at the Op Shop.  It was from reading this blog that I spied a certain big eyed curiosity from my childhood.    I have never known what happened to the dolls of my childhood, I am sure once I'd been gone across the pond for a few years my Mum passed them on after tiring of the space they took up in the shed.  I was intrigued by her big eyes and woeful expression, did I have one of these as a child? This girl seemed familiar and it wasn't long before I was hooked.  However, these girls are expensive, not just a few dollars too expensive for a 45 year old wanting to indulge in a short term love affair with her childhood, but eye-wateringly expensive.  So for two years I admired them from the pages of google and flickr, watched them sell for silly money on eBay and continued to fall in love.  I then one Sunday evening, with a little push from the Mister (after many days/weeks/months researching the BEST/SAFEST way to buy one) I found my myself clicking the Buy It Now button on eBay.  Instant buyers remorse ensued  but after about 48 hours I started to get excited.  Ten days later this little brown package arrived in the mail.

Well timed it was too because I had just spent my morning thrashing out THE most horrendous report for work and I needed a little lift.
I have to say it was exciting and terrifying to open the box. Had I just wasted my money? Would she be as adorable in real life?  Then I spied these delightful flowers.     
The writing on the box made me smile.  Not sure why I was surprised to see very little written in English, she had after all swanned her way around the globe all the way from Hong Kong.
  And here she is! Nicky Lad Neo Blythe courtesy of this seller on eBay, should you be on the search for a good place to buy Blythe.
Opening the box of course required the help of my new assistant, Mrs Spud (previously thought to be Mr. Spud...opps!)
And now the madness of knitting and crocheting all things tiny has set in. I know, I know, that is completely bonkers, but do you know just how fast you can crochet a tiny  hat?  Minutes I tell you, very rewarding.
 And I have to thank my Blythe for allowing me to successfully create my first ever knitting pattern!  How ever tiny it may be.
 Oh and tiny sewing has commenced too.  Frightfully tricky and patience testing.  It may be short lived.
Oh and in case you are wondering, it did take some serious pleading/begging to convince the Mister it was ok(ish) for me to spend a little bit of my bonus check on something completely frivolous.  He, like many (my three boys), couldn't quite grasp why a women of my aging years needed a doll.  The little push that sent him over the edge to say, yes it's ok, was a gentle reminder of a trip to the Lego Store last year to indulge his love of those little blocks. Of course those block purchases are in his mind justified by a certain three sons, who of course have no interest in a doll!

So there you have it, a little introduction to Miss Blythe.  I feel like I have bared my soul and may have scared all three of my readers away.  Never fear, should you dare to come back I promise I will NOT be posting feverishly now about all things Blythe.  Lucky for you one of the conditions of this purchase involved promising NOT to spend my days photographing said purchase (I snuck these in when the Mister was outside...hence the crappy photos)

Toodles....L x ♥

P.S. If you want to see some seriously amazing girls, type custom  Blythe into Flickr, and be careful not to fall in love.


  1. I think Blythe is beautiful. And she makes you happy, that's all that counts. Nice garment too. So you are into fashion, couture, haute couture even. :-) Have a nice week. (I couldn't open the "Best Buddies" post ...) Regula

    1. Thank you so much, she really is quite beautiful and she does me make smile. Sorry I tried to post best buddies from my ipad but it didn't work, I will try again from the computer.

  2. Well Louise I cannot comment, considering I spend ages creating furry animals with clothes etc.
    Ive seen these blythe dolls before, but I dont remember them. Ive noticed she is wearing a mini me (you) cardi.

    1. Thank you for your support! How funny you say 'mini me' I didn't realize till I opened her box she came with pink glasses, just like I wear!!!

  3. Congrats on your new dolly friend!


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