Monday, May 13, 2013

Patchwork Blankie - It's Done!

 I've been finishing up all sorts of projects these last few days.  I might even have another finished reveal tomorrow! Now don't pin your hopes on it because you never can tell what might happen to my blogging motivation between now and then.  
Anyway, I am sort of making up for lack of posts and productivity with another finish reveal today!

  • Started by the Christmas Tree, Christmas Day 2012
  • 22 colours
  • 169 squares
  • Stylecraft Special DK and King Cole Pricewise
  • Purchased from Deramores (best online yarn store ever!)
  • Loved making about the first 15 squares and then hated  every square after
  • Loved it again when I put the final row of purple half doubles around the edge
  • Destination - the caravan!
Might need to give myself a wee break from making blankets - they are taking over the house!

Toodles...L x ♥

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  1. LOL! reminds me of when I used to knit jumpers
    BACK - Exciting, loving mastering a new pattern.
    FRONT - still love it but getting a bit bored with it
    1ST SLEEVE - really struggling, could easily give it up
    2ND SLEEVE - race to the finish line.
    Seriously,you are on a roll! that will be so snug and warm on your jolly caravan holidays.


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