Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Red ♥ Cardigan

I'm not thrilled with how this little cardi turned out, but I do love the buttons!

 The yarn was very inexpensive. 
I think all told this cardigan cost me $7.50 to make?
Not bad really?
 It's toasty warm and practical as I don't like long woollie sleeves - they always seem to get sopping wet when I wash dishes - and it created the perfect opportunity for the Mister to take the WORST ever photo of me!!!!!
Of course he didn't bother to tell me once side of the cardi was all bunched up!  What part of, can you please take a nice photo of my cardi for my blog do you think he misses?
I'd say ALL OF IT!
Anyway, it does seem my knitting skills are coming along...if but slowly....

Toodles ... L x ♥

P.S. The yarn is Bartlett Yarns I found on sale on Etsy and the pattern is an easy peasy top down raglan I found here - without the sleeves of course because my beginner knitting brain couldn't figure out the proper decreases! 


  1. Nice cardigan, the pattern sounds ideal for your needs. It doesn't matter if your a slow knitter, the main thing is you finished it.
    Louise x

  2. Now that's my sort of cardi and I bet it keeps you toasty too.

  3. How could he cut your head off????? ;-) But the sweater is nice and what I can see of you is nice too. :-) Have a lovely weekend. Regula

    ps. I am always happy when I see the Gepart♥836 is bold in my reader. :-)

  4. It looks lovely - you are too hard on yourself. (And I doubt you are as slow as me!)


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