Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello Spring???

Has anyone seen Spring?
I fear it may have been kidnapped.

 With snow last week, I feared we'll never see a 
sign of Spring.
 Not just a Spring time dusting, but a great big dumping.
 Seems my poor daffs may never see the sun shiny sun.
Spring and the Sun did peak out for a day or two last week.
 And as Miss Maggie and I listened to Mr. Weatherman's prediction that Spring had indeed gone missing, I did some clickety click on my needles to make her a little warm cardigan of sorts.  
For the next blanket of white.
 But alas my knitting was too slow, and the snow returned again today.
By the chair load!
As the snow started to fall yesterday  I did succeed in making something from my latest book.
 As sweet as this little purse may look, it was rather tricky to make.  The instructions in my lovely book are a wee bit muddled.  Delicious photos to look at in this wee book, devilishly hard instructions to follow.
Please do tell me, have you seen Spring over your way?
If so, please remind her to pop over here for a day or two.

Toodles...L x ♥

P.S.  It is stILL snowing here!  The weather has gone quite mad.


  1. I'm sorry to tell you that spring is not here either. :-(

    And it doesn't look like it will show up soon. :-(

    Thankfully, I have a wood stove and lots of yarn and fabric and projects to finish.

    Have a nice week nontheless. Regula

  2. I think this could be the coldest Easter yet, Bet you are glad you arent Caravanning. No snow yet here in Yorkshire. Good weather for putting the wood stove on and baking bread, with Milly keeping an eagle eye on it while it rises.

  3. We're most definitely having that weather where I am. I'm thoroughly ready for warmer days so that I and the wee bit can venture outside more for play time and knitting in nature!

  4. No spring here (though the daffodils are determindly out) - it is about 0 degrees and keeps trying to snow though luckily we haven't got a full on load of snow. Beautiful though your pictures are, it is making me shiver!

  5. I found your blog through the photos on Alicia Paulson's "Mr. and Mrs. Maggie board" I thought your bunny was SO cute..I am glad I followed Maggie back to her house for a visit..You have a lovely blog:)

  6. That certainly is a lot of snow! Very pretty but looks very cold... and very messy as it melts I guess.


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