Wednesday, March 13, 2013

:: A Little Companion ::

 Just a little someone to keep me company during my work day.
Miss Maggie came together surprisingly fast and she was incredibly easy to make (except her nose and boots they both involved some mild swearing).
I will definitely make her a friend.
Of course my boys were amused by my little rabbit.  Little J's constantly giggling the words "that rabbits gone commando" got the better of me. So today during my lunch break I found myself whipping her up a pair of bloomers.
 Fancy lace bloomers at that.  I used some very old lace I found in the drawers of the old Singer 24 treadle sewing machine I purchased last summer. I think the lace suits her perfectly.
And now Little J can giggle no more!

Toodles...L x ♥

P.S.  Miss Maggie came from this lovely lady, but I do believe only the pattern is available now.  She is a treat to make and I highly recommend you rush over there now and buy the pattern.  It's worth every penny.


  1. My she did come together fast - she's beautiful and the bloomers are the perfect finishing touch - I hope you email a photo of your creation to Alicia Paulson - I am sure she would love those bloomers.

    1. Boys will be boys. Miss Maggie is so sweet, and I love the bloomers.

  2. She's pretty, and the bloomers are too. Enjoy the company! Regula

  3. She is lovely ! I love her flowery ears :) x

  4. She is just darling and I totally agree about the bloomers -- I was making some for my bunny too! She needs panties!!! :) Darling.


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