Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pea Soup

We woke today to a really thick fog blanketing our little valley.  The tree from yesterday's post, which is just a few yards up the road is nearly hidden. Really quite pea soupish fog.  It lasted most of the day, with just an hour or two of blue sky, before more clouds rolled in again.  Despite the fog, the weather is unseasonably warm.  Today I've had the doors open and enjoyed the fresh air.
However, the weather this past weekend was very chilly.  We made a dash in the dark on Saturday evening to cut down our Christmas Tree.  Of course we couldn't wait till the next day when the sun was shining to choose our tree like normal people would.  No, no, instead trudged around in the pitch black, with only Big J's phone for a light while we argued over which was the best tree.  A real tree this year, which is unusual for us. I've not been fond of the idea of cutting a tree down just to enjoy it for a month, but it's growing on me.
As you can see I've only manage to place the angel on top of the tree.  For a fancy as this tree may look, the needles are devilishly sharp!  I'll have to don gloves and long sleeves to decorate it.

It does have the tiniest little cones growing.  Such a shame they won't get any bigger.
I have my fingers crossed it will hang onto it's cones and pine needles till after the big day, although it ceremoniously shed a bundle the minute we dragged it through the door. 
This is about as far as I have come with our Christmas decorations.  I was all excited after Thanksgiving to decorate the house, go pressie shopping and get ready for the festive season when we had a huge slight enormous disaster with our 100 year old plumbing.  I had to spend last week watching my bank account dwindle while some lovely plumbers created the worlds biggest hole in my tiny front garden.   I now have  delightful mud puddle the size of Lake Erie in my front yard.
Lucky me!
Thank you again lovely people for following me to my new blog.  So lovely to see you all over here.
Tomorrow I'll have a fabulous reveal of Big J's handy work.  You'll be amazed at what he did with Little J's old T-Shirts and a broken chair.
Toodles...L x ♥
P.S.  As I typed this post Big J presented me with the MOST delicious dessert ever - his homemade sticky date pudding.  Of course I've declared it disgusting, just so I can scoff the whole thing myself!!
P.P.S.  I can't believe I forgot to mention this, but my Middle J is finally HOME!!!  Well when I say that he is back on dry land down in Norfolk, Virginia. He's only here for a short stay before they sail off into the sunset again.  Fingers crossed I get to see him soon.


  1. You must be so happy to have your boy back on terra firma even if only for a short while. Enjoy your tree and I think Christmas is a toned down affair for many people this year which is perhaps no bad thing in place of the usual consumerism gone mad! Hope you will have nough pennies for the important stuff even if not for what you might wish!

  2. So pleased for you Louise, you have been waiting a long time for Middle J to return. All your boys home, you must be on cloud nine
    louise x

  3. Hey great tree! and welcome home middle J I hope you have some good time together :)


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