Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fix That Chair

Little J found this chair in a junk shop.
I have a small chair addiction and can never say no to a good deal on a chair.
It cost him the hefty sum of $1.
Several pieces were broken off and it was covered in
dirt, dust and cobwebs.
But he HAD to have it.
We cleaned it.
Glued it back together.
Left it in the corner for a year.
Then, one night Big J was bored.
He turned this chair....
 Into this!
Using Little J's old T-Shirts and a good deal of
He needed that good deal of patience because has silly old Mum wouldn't leave him alone.
No, no, she had to stick her two cents worth in every five seconds and every three seconds she pleaded for a turn at 'weaving'.
Damn she was annoying!
But doesn't it look fantastic? 
He's quite clever that Big J of mine!
Toodles...L x ♥


  1. Obviously takes after his Mum!! Well done Big J!

  2. Hi Louise! Congratulations to your new beginning! That forgotten chair became so wonderful! What a great and unique idea! I love your Christmas tree! It has the perfect shape and is so beautiful! You could have on your sidelist link to your old blog so we and new readers can admire your earlier works.
    Happy weekend! x Teje

  3. Wow Louise, You are on a roll, I cant keep with all your posts:-) Love this chair, how fun is that. I love recycling as you know, and the colours work beautifully together. I always think boredom creates creativity. Well done big J
    louise x


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