Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Little Piece of Furniture

I'm not sure whether to call this little piece of furniture a cupboard, or a dresser or a hutch?  I'm not sure if it is a toy or what they call a 'salesman sample'.  It has no labels or markings, and only stands about 20 inches tall. It is definitely handmade and it looks old, with rusty old nails and of course smells old.  I found it in the deep dark depths of a flea market and nearly walked past it thinking it would be out of my price range, since I've never seen one I can afford, but I was nicely surprised.  My lovely Big J spent his pennies on it as a treat for me, 'cos he is quite nice like that.

I love the stenciling, which almost looks like it was 'burnt' on? If that is possible?  It was looking rather forlorn, but I've cleaned it with some orange oil, which the wood seem to drink up, added a  few spots of glue where seams were splitting and some tiny hinges to make the doors work again.  It originally had nails on the top and bottom of each door to act as a hinge allowing the doors to swing open, but the wood has split and chipped and they no longer worked or could be replaced.  When I found it the doors were actually nailed shut, so I was nicely surprised to see it has a little shelf!  The bottom of the drawer has a few holes in it, but I thought maybe I'd find some pretty paper and line the drawer and shelves, what do you think?  Perhaps a tiny runner for the top? Or maybe a wee doily?  

Right, I'm off to find a few tiny scraps to decorate my tiny dresser.

Toodles...L x 


  1. Hi Louise! Sorry I haven't been around lately. You made fantastic find! I love this little furniture! You can use it for your treasures. Tiny quilt would be perfect. x Teje


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