Thursday, February 19, 2015

Feb 19 - Frosty

It's been brrrrrr freezing here the last few days.  So far Little J has only had one day of school this week and they've already cancelled school for tomorrow.  We've drawn the curtains and made the house as freeze proof as possible and bundled up in layers and wool blankets as the temperature tomorrow isn't supposed to get above 0°F and that's not taking into consideration the howling wind.  It's been snowing and blowing all day and they are calling for more inches this weekend.  So i'm off to enjoy the latest episode of American Pickers and snuggle under my current WIP, a lovely woolly ripple.

I do hope it's warmer where you are!

Toodles....L x ♥


  1. Brrr! Four degrees here at the moment and no snow. That programme looks interesting - well done them.Enjoy your snow day.

  2. Keep warm. Frost here too. That throw is going to be nice when finished. like the colours.

  3. Lovely! Is it still that freezing? Brrrrrrr ... Hugs, Regula


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