Monday, March 31, 2014

*** Robin Snow ***

At the end of March, snow is no longer called snow in my little patch of the world, it's called Robin Snow.  Yes, the robins are hopping about in the garden and there are big floppy snow flakes falling from the sky.  They are big and wet and then small and fly around in every direction possible.  
So whilst the Robin Snow fell, I enjoyed my day in my new (to me) chair...

...hand stitching away a new little quilt...

...and enjoying episode after episode of Miss Fisher on Netflix. Thoroughly enjoying the images this fabulous show provides and getting just a little homesick.

Toodles...L x ♥

P.S. Yes, I know this show was filmed in Melbourne, a place which I once lived for a short while, but those images of beautiful old Australian houses remind me so much of home.


  1. Oooh glad you can view Miss Fisher. Isn't it done well? Lovely images of old Melbourne and great Aussie characters too.

    1. It's fantastic and so very Australian! So very glad I found it and can watch it!


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