Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Mister Makes

The Mister outdid himself this year with my Christmas present.....
....a beautiful shelf for my silly obsession and Mr. Fox and Miss Maggie Rabbit.  He used scraps of wood we already had, made a little rail at the bottom for me to hang a little quilt and Big J and I 'wallpapered' the back with some pretty wrapping paper.  It still needs a coat of wax, but I couldn't wait to use it (as usual).
He's the BEST that Mister of mine.  ☺
Toodles...L x ♥
P.S. Big J indulged my silly obsession with a new girl for Christmas and the other two are fakes (and therefore not eye wateringly expensive), but still sweet.


  1. How clever of your Mister. I had my bird table made by Mr M!

  2. what a sweet little shelf and how thoughtful of the Mister. Snoopy was a big hit for me in my teens and he is slowly creeping back into life. Money box, dolll, glassware. The dolls look great, I personally cant tell the fakes from real.

  3. Great gifts, very thoughtful of you family. :-)

  4. Louise I am so envious of your collection, they are just perfect and what a wonderful gift from your lovely Man. Well done to him, a fab post as always Louise, big hugs to you

  5. Definitely the best! What a wonderful present.


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