Tuesday, December 10, 2013


During our trip to Virginia over the Thanksgiving holiday I spent most of my days inside the old summer house by the warm fire.  It was freeezzzing cold outside and the ground is soft and wobbly, something my bum ankle isn't ready for. 
 I was able to enjoy a lovely view out the window and happily on our first morning, other than being surprised to see the old creek had frozen, I was thrilled to see the swans we had enjoyed on so many other visits, were now a little family!
They spent most of their first day on the other side of the creek, hence the fuzzy photo. I say it's a creek, well because it's called 'Maddox Creek', but its super wide.   If someone was standing on the other side of the creek, you could barely see them without a zoom lens or binoculars.
Late Friday night, long after I should have been snuggled up in bed and long after I'd removed my ankle brace I switched on the outside light and there they were!
I sent the Mister and Little J out with the camera, but in my excitement I ran out there anyway.
A bit of a stupid risk looking back on it, since the ground is soft, wobbly and full of ankle breaking holes!!!
But at the time, it was worth every minute!
It wasn't till after I looked at the photos, I realized they are still babies,with some downy feathers on them.  
We didn't see them again, I can't wait to go down again in the spring to see them.  Hopefully my bum ankle won't be bum then!

Toodles...L x 


  1. Lovely photos. We have swans on the mere in our village I find them interesting. Especially Mr Swan (the children named them that years ago and its stuck). He spends all year protecting his young and then come early spring spends the whole time trying to chase them off the mere because Mrs Swan is nesting again. He goes round and round the island, chasing the young swans away and of course he cant catch him up,

  2. Wonderful photos.The nearest we have to swans are a pair of ducks that think my neighbours lawn is a great nesting site.

  3. What fabulous photographs, a joy to look at - love swans as they are so graceful and beautiful to look at. Thanks for a fab post as always, big hugs to you


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