Monday, December 9, 2013

Snow Day!

Our first proper snowfall of the season....

Little J enjoyed a school free day and I enjoyed an extra 30 minutes in bed!

 He spent the day whizzing up and down the street on his sled.

I really wanted to venture out and take more photos of our first snowfall, but unfortunately my bum ankle doesn't always co-operate on flat surfaces with good traction, so I wasn't about to risk the slippery sidewalk!
They are calling for more snow over night.
I have my fingers crossed it arrives along with another school free day....I love those extra 30 minutes in bed.

Toodles...L x 


  1. What lovely photos. I hope you are all cosy indoors, and crafting maybe.
    We have been warned that we may have a bad winter here, so I shall stock up on yarn and "stuff". Oh, and maybe an extra loaf in the freezer. I think that's the correct order ;0)
    Warm hugs x

  2. School never ever closes here, even if there are meters of snow. We just HAVE to go to school. When my heating was frozen and my car didn't start, my head teacher came and got me in his car!!!!!! :-)


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