Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunday Drive

Sometimes on Sundays,when my mind won't settle the Mister takes me out for a drive.
We dream about moving out of the our little town, to the wilds of West Virginia. We go on a long drives, taking back roads, searching and looking for the perfect spot.  Far away from the crowds of town where we can have our own quiet patch.

Yesterday, I think we found it.
Vast fields, beautiful trees, mountains and a little stream.

Toodles...L x 


  1. Beautiful! We stayed in a cabin in West Virginia once and I fell in love with the area - seemed so real and natural to me. Keep dreaming you never know!

  2. Hi Lovely Louise, sorry I have been absent for a few days, it has been one busy week! My goodness your photographs are just stunning, you can almost feel the cold on your cheek. I hope you find your dream place Louise. I live in a place I detest but unfortunately my lovely husband won't budge but it hurts my soul to stay here but stay I must, I hope you realise your dream and live it.Have a lovely weekend, sending you big hugs and loves


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