Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Grey Skies & Spinning

We've had a few days of grey skies and drizzle, but it is making everything lush and green and I am adoring the grey/new green combination.
 Over the weekend in between our first outing this year in the caravan, we popped over to the Fort Frederick Market Fair - which I love and look forward to every year now.   At which I purchased this snugly soft stuff.
 'Cos I thought I'd drive myself batty having a go with this....
A lovely lady at the fair was so generous as to give me a my own personal mini training session.  For which I will be forever grateful.
 It's tricky and patience testing, especially since we have a new furry addition to our family, but I think with time and perhaps a stiff drink it will be very rewarding. 
 So far I squeaked out the tiniest ball of homemade wool and knitting up a few tiny stitches. 
It is ever so soft and snugly  just a shame it isn't a wee bit bigger!  I know with time and practice it will only get better and it is certainly way easier than I thought it would be!
I just need to remember to lock up a certain fur ball which might make things a wee bit easier.

Have you tried spinning? I'd love to hear how it went.

Toodles....L ....♥


  1. I tried spinning with a spindle when I was young. ;-) But I have a spinning wheel waiting for me in the attic .... Maybe next winter. My neighbour is an experienced spinner. She might teach me.
    Your wool looks good! Well done!

  2. Your first go at spinning looks exactly like mine! I only just started spinning too and I enjoy it so much. I agree with you about it being patience testing, but practice makes it better :) Good job!

  3. I do have one of those spinning things like you have, someone gave me one, not yet been tempted to try it out, Your knitting looks nice, I like the texture.


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