Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rescue Stitching

I found this fabulous quilt top today at a flea market.
I've been trawling the pages of eBay admiring vintage quilt tops for months.  
They are pricey and much sort after.  
Quite out of the league of my penny pinching pocket book.
When I found this one for the bargain price of $15, which the seller quickly knocked down to $13 without me even asking!
I knew I had to bring it home.
It's not perfect.
The quilting is a little wobbly and it needed some mending.

And a little gentle wash
or two.  It's a wee bit fragile in places.
But even in the crappy light of a dark snowy Saturday evening, I think the colours and fabrics are really beautiful. 
 I wondered who made this lovely quilt and why they never finished it?
And where did they find these beautiful fabrics?

I'm not sure I'll finish it with conventional batting and backing, but perhaps find a lovely vintage blanket for the back?

Toodles...L ♥ X


  1. Uiiiii! It's beautiful. With a little help it will be perfect! Have a nice Sunday! Regula

  2. Wow great find. I too think that when I find something that has obviously took alot of time and patience to create, I also like the fact its made traditionally of mishmash fabrics, delightful.


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