Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nonsense Weather

This is not a weather blog.
However, the weather has gone a little bonkers.
Today we had blizzard like snow.
Sideways, Upwards, Round in a Circle and down at lightening speed snow.
Monday we had a ice storm of mega proportions.
It was magical, but incredibly slippery.
I was glad they closed school and didn't have to leave the house.
Instead I stayed home and worried myself silly about poor Big J started his first day of work!
My lovely, although slightly odd looking hyacinth has enjoyed it all from the safety of the window ledge.
Can you believe January is already over?
2013 is whizzing by too fast for my liking....

Toodles...L x ♥


  1. One good thing about time whizzing by is Spring is just around the corner. Keep warm.

  2. Snow storms are fun if you are safe and sound inside and the heating works. I don't mind that Janaury is over. Half of winter is over and we are still alive! have a nice weekend and stay warm. Regula


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