Thursday, September 18, 2014


I'm not sure anymore how to tell the difference between nostalgia or homesickness.  Can you be homesick after 23 years? 
Do I miss my childhood or that distinctive smell of the West Australian bush?  It's always the first thing that hits me when I go home.
Is it still ok for me to call Australia home after all these years? 
One of those days I'm afraid.
Sh*t it might be one of those weeks!
Not sure where this little stitching project is going to take me, but it was inspired by this - a terrible case of the wanties when the coffers are empty.
Toodles....L x ♥
P.S.  Is autumn in the air where you are?  Or are you enjoying the delights of spring?
P.P.S.  I do hope all is well with you and thank you for stopping by.


  1. Empty purse makes imaginative person, lovely idea, I wonder if you could expand from it and go 3D, maybe put your home on it. Sorry you are missing Aussie, and yes you can call it home, I would guess you have happy childhood memories of your time there, and you are reminiscing. I live a stones throw away from my hometown, I wouldn't want to live there, it not the same place I remember. But I often dream what it would be like if I lived in warmer country, the sunshine always lifts the spirit. Its very Autumnal here, dull but not cold, and my sister is visiting tomorrow haven't seen here for a long time,( Soo excited) boy I hope the weather cheers up for her, I so look forward to our Indian Summers we usually have here in the UK aound September time.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I think I will make my little map into a wall hanging. I'm thinking of adding some embroidery around the map.

  2. Do you need a vacation? I believe it's okay to feel homesick. Enjoy it! Because it will go away.

    It's fall in my parts of the world. Sunny day, the forth in a row. We didn't have such a long period of nice weather during summer. ;-)

    1. Hi Regula!

      What a shame for the poor summer weather, let hope the Fall and Winter weather will treat you kindly instead.

  3. Of course you can still be homesick and once an Aussie always an Aussie !! I'm sure there must be many times when you long for a bit of Aussie weather. Do you know this blog ?
    Anne is from WA and is visiting her family there at the moment. She takes beautiful photos of the WA countryside. You can almost smell the eucalyptus leaves. Take a peek.

    1. Thank you Helsie for your kind words and the link to the blog! Oh gosh this blog made me homesick, the photos remind me so much of home. I love it.


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