Monday, July 7, 2014

For Emma, A Pig.....

My Little Sister and I were quite close as children, sometimes even mistaken for twins as our Mum liked to dress us alike, although I am two years older.  Although she isn't little anymore, I'll always call her my little sister as I have an older sister too who I always refer to as my Big Sister.  Funnily, my Little Sister is taller than me and my Big Sister is shorter!
Anyway, as young children we were obsessed with all things horse and pony related and especially loved Norman Thelwell ponies.  I've not met anyone in the US who knows about Thelwell ponies, so when I spied this pig at the local flea market I literally squealed for joy, bit like a pig :-) and the Mister was thoroughly embarrassed.  There was no doubt this little piggy was coming home with me.

And as I was across the world  buying a Thelwell pig and missing my siblings, on the other side of the globe my Little Sister was posting photos on Facebook of our childhood, which made me miss them even more!  As much as I despise FB most of the time, I do love that it helps me keep in touch with my distant family.

(L to R - Me, Jonathan, Emma and Caroline mid 1970, Darlington, Western Australia)

Toodles....L X 

P.S. Please excuse crap Pig photos, my camera is on the blink.


  1. I remember Thelwell's ponies too. It must be so hard to be so far away from your family although of course you have another family now right where you are.

  2. lovely family snap, I have two older sisters and Mum used to dress them in matching dresses (Sunday best) I had to wear both of them as they were passed down (loathed it at the time) I could be wrong but didnt they do a cartoon strips in the papers

    1. You know I think there were cartoon strips in the paper, I had the same thought when I saw this little pig and tried to explain the characters to the Mister.

  3. I should have wrote "wasnt there Thelwell ponies cartoon strips in the papers"


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