Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Our Last Field Trip

I've been hanging onto these photos the last couple of months contemplating a blog post.  It makes me sad to think these photos were taken on Little J's last field trip of his school days.  Next year he's off to middle school and the days of Mum's going on field trips are over.  After seeing the squirrel on our walk the other night it reminded me of the BEST part of our field trip to Washington DC and I just had to share it.
After a VERY long bus trip to the capitol, we arrived a the Lincoln Memorial. Whilst walking from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument on our way to the Smithsonian Museums we came across the most interesting residents of the District of Columbia.
Sad to say, nothing we saw after that was as exciting as these little guys.
These little guy were lightning fast. 
I couldn't take snaps fast enough.
This one was black.  I've not seen a black squirrel before.  The photo makes him look reddish brown, but he really was black.  I hear they have white squirrels too, but we didn't see one.
There must have been five on them racing up and down this tree, stopping quickly to snatch treats from our hands.  
They were FAST.
And adorable.
I wanted to take one home with me.
And they love love loved Cheetos.
Not the healthiest of snacks for them, but it was all we had.
 They lived in the most fantastic tree right next to the reflecting pool.  For being in the middle of busy Washington DC, it was beautiful.
We visited loads of museums and monuments, but it was unanimous that our most favorite moment was feeding those squirrels.

Toodles... L x 


  1. Oh Louise what a lovely post and I just love your photographs they are wonderful. When I was a child I had an aunt and uncle in the States and one of my uncles from Britain used to visit them often and he would always talk about the lovely squirrels everywhere. As a child I longed to go to the US and always thought I would end up living there - sadly not but your post brought back many happy memories for me. Thank you so much
    Lots of love

  2. I've been there too. However, 4 years ago. I found President Lincoln quite impressive. When we watched the movie "Lincoln" one night at Salve Regina University about two weeks ago, I was even more impressed about him. It's a wonderful movie about a man who has the weight of the world on his shoulders. I could feel it!
    We have black and reddish-brown squirrels here.


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