Friday, July 12, 2013

My Garden in July

Sorry, loads of rather boring photos of my garden in this post.  I like to try and keep track of what grows and when each year.  
I also found it entertaining to see how many times I would swear when trying to get the macro button to stay on with my silly camera.  No point stopping to read the silly manual.  My neighbors found it quite amusing.  It puzzles them as to why their silly neighbor is out taking photos of her garden and swearing like a long distance truck driver.
I do like to keep folks entertained.
On to some rather bad photos of my garden in July!
Enjoy the photos or take this opportunity to use this post to bore yourself to sleep and have a little nap compliments of me. ☺
Oh before we go anywhere with the garden, this is my amaryllis red lion that I grew over the New Year. I threw it outside when the weather got warm thinking I would try either dry it (or whatever it is you do) so I could start it again at Christmas or kill it. It's been dug up by the cat, knocked over by the neighbor kids and fallen down the stairs.  There's barely any soil left, but unbelievably it has decided to flower again!  This is one tough plant!
Onto the garden.
Lovely cosmos....first year growing these.  I bought this bottle, yes it was a bottle, of wild flower seeds and spent a silly afternoon in April sprinkling them willy-nilly all over the garden. Then of course I couldn't tell the plants from the weeds and ended up with a very wild, messy looking garden.
Cosmos were in the bottle apparently.
I think this blue flower is a cornflower, but I could be wrong.  I'm not sure I've ever seen a cornflower before.  Anyhoo, they were in the bottle too.  My macro setting on the camera hated these flowers, but I quite like them. F♥VORITES.  
Not in the bottle, but 25 cents a pack from the dollar store. 
They are only just getting started and I can't wait till I can cut them and put them in a little jug in the house.
 Nasturtiums to remind me of home.  They grew like weeds in our garden when I was a kid.  The leaves I remember being much bigger and my sister and I used to like to watch droplets of water turn to silver on their leaves.  I have a devil of a time getting them to grow in my garden now.

  Mystery flowers from the bottle.  No clue what they are, but they are very pretty.

 Onward to vegetable plants.  
Little peppers finally flowering.  
We bought some lovely non GMO seeds from Seeds Now and the one thing I have noticed is they seem to take quite a bit longer to get going than the regular store bought seeds.  They were brilliantly priced and the service was very good and I like to know we'll be eating veggies this year from seeds that haven't been 'messed' with.
  Little watermelon plant which doesn't seem to have grown at all in the last two months.  We'll be harvesting watermelons for Christmas at this rate.
 Zucchini plants that seem to have the plot wrong.  They are teeny tiny but have enormous flowers!  They seem to have forgotten to grow a little before they start to make zucchini.
 Crap Carrots. This is our third attempt at carrots this year. Last year they did marvelously, this year, utter crap.  We've tried store bought seeds and non GMO with pathetic results.
 At last, flowers on the tomato plants. I'm not entirely sure if this plant is one we planted this year or self seeded again from last year.  It was close to where we planted seeds, but only a foot away from where we actually put the seeds in.
Only time will tell.
 Attempt number 2 at raddishs. Still doesn't look promising.  We've read up on raddish growing and followed all the directions, but I'm not hopeful.  Our third attempt lettuce (in the pots) however is looking promising. The first batch we put directly into other group and our rather naughty sausage dog decided to hop the garden fence and dig them all up. Second round went into pots which again when jumping the fence she knocked over.  Third times a charm? Fingers crossed.
More peas too, since our resident G-Pig has developed quite a taste for them.
 Lovely marigolds.
 Our little front garden veggie patch.  Our neighbors are always entertained by our antics in the garden, them being non-gardening type folks. On the one side they  have turned a lovely, but very small front lawn into a boggy muddy baseball field and on the other side they're more interesting in growing beer cans or bottles.  Ahh yes, delightful folks.  Fortunately they are relatively harmless and don't cause us much bother.  

 A little patch of zinna and wild flowers.
  Lavender going strong for it's third year. I just love the smell of lavender.  My Mum grew all sorts of lavender in her garden back home and every Christmas my Dad would give her a boxed set of Yardley Lavender soap and perfume.  The smell always reminds me of her.
 And here it is, the grand finale.  
Are you still with me???
One very messy front garden.   
Compliments of a bottle of wild flowers found on sale at the end of April and me spreading them willy-nilly all over the place thinking they would look like some lovely english cottage garden.
Pretty much looks like a bed of weeds.
I'll be in total shock if you actually stayed with me on this one.  
I've pretty much bored myself to sleep.  
So, I'm off to bed!

Toodles...L x ♥


  1. Your garden is not boring at all! nI love all those flowers and I think the little white and pink ones you didn't know the name of are Candytuft. Pretty flower, pretty name.

    Carrots - do you have ants? I do - and they EAT the seeds!


    1. I never thought it could be ants, but I bet that is it!

  2. I LOVE your garden!! It's pretty much exactly how I want mine to be (but you don't have any Californian poppies!).


    1. I wish I had poppies! I will have to look for the seeds next year. Thank you for you lovely comment.

  3. I like your garden! A little messy, but green and with flowers! It's alive and relaxing. Some gardens without anything that doesn't belong there only gives the idea of hard working to keep it that way. A garden should be a joy. And it gives you food too!

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! My garden does bring me joy with very little work and I am lad you like it.

  5. such alot of colour how lovely and natural. My poor garden is suffering at the moment, but I will get back into it when I am 100%, As for neighbours, our new neighbours just use their garden as a poo patch for the two dogs, NICE!!!

    1. Oh my I chuckled at your "poo patch" comment, we have neighbors across the street who use theirs for that exact purpose. I do hope you are feeling better, best to rest and let the garden take care of itself till you a recovered.


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