Monday, March 4, 2013

Little Window of Blue

It's lunchtime here, the skies are bluest of blue and the sun is shining, although it is bitterly cold outside. Instead of scurrying around my kitchen in my 30 minute break finding things to eat I am making a determined effort to enjoy the blue skies and sunshiny day.  Taking little snaps of life that make me smile, even on the grayest of grey winter days.  You see, the grey skies of winter have been getting me down. I've drifted away from creative days and spent far too much time letting the pitfalls of life get the better of me while the skies overhead cast their grey shadow.

The view from my work desk.
 A little work desk companion to provide me with some sunshine.
  The little old window of the house across the street. I love this little old window, which unlike most of the windows in the houses on our street has not been replaced by some ugly vinyl thing (like the ones in my house).  I love this little window too, because it distracts me from my neighbors very untidy yard!!!!  Please neighbor, pick up the rubbish that blows into your garden.  I do not enjoy the messiness staring back at me as I tip tap away at my computer all day.  (Not that he reads this blog, but I do hope he cleans it up as he is a very nice man really, but his garden is very untidy).
 A few stitches on my staircase window. A little smile as I come down the stairs.
 My red cardigan that has been on  hold with one sleeve.  The men of this house will not cooperate and help me wind another skein of wool into a ball so I can knit the other.  I may have to try it myself and pray I don't create a tangled ball winding mess as I am known to do.
 Lastly, the lovely sunshine through my favorite of most favorite curtains of all time.

Well I must be off back to work.  Back to my desk in the bay window.
I hope your day has a little sunshine and the grey skies of winter don't make you blue.

Toodles...L x ♥ 


  1. Hello Louise

    I wind skeins by wrapping them around my knees while sitting on the sofa. Make sure the thread is outside and wind carfully. It's better then nothing.
    Your window is very nice. It reminds me of the "gipsy skirt" I saw in a magazine this morning. :-)

    1. Thank you for the suggestion on ball winding. I will have to give it a try.

  2. Yeah, the little window from across the street has that quiet charm to it. On the other hand, is it noticeable if someone is watching you from there? I think that would be awkward, especially when you’re in work mode. :P How does your own window look from the outside, by the way?


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