Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunny Sunday

The weather here has been fabulous.  The snow is nearly all gone and it has been feeling a bit, dare I say, spring-like.  Even my daffodils are peeping through.  A bit early it seems.
 The postman was very kind to me on Thursday last week.
 A delicious bundle of raspberry yarn which I found on Etsy being sold for steal by this lovely shop owner.  Absolutely fabulous service and speedy delivery.
 Of course I spent my lunch break on Thursday quickly casting on a new cardi! Just a simple top down raglan, nothing fancy. No hanging around for me, even though I've just started a fabulous granny  blanket.  
Must be off.  I've had a brilliant day working on my cardigan, now I need to go hook a few squares.

Toodles...L x ♥

P.S. the yarn for my blanket came from here.  I've not used this type of yarn before, but it is incredibly soft and very economical. It is called King Cole Pricewise and it has loads of fabulous colours.


  1. Nice wool, I notice its sold in ounces, is it vintage wool or is that how they sell it, Ive never heard of the company before.
    Its always exciting planning and starting a new project. Happy knitting

    1. Its measured that way probably 'cos we're still working in ounces and pounds over here, no sign of metric yet! It's very woolly wool, could be a wee bit softer. I've bought it before and it's lovely to work with, although a bit rustic.

  2. The wool really is a bargain - looks a beautiful colour too. Doesn't it feel odd that it's feeling like Spring in January? My daffodils are budding well, but it looks as though we're about to get our first snow of the winter, I'm hoping they make it through.

  3. I noticed at Christmas the daffs starting to peep through - it does feel way to early, but then again they are for sale over here in the shops so who knows.

    Nina x


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