Saturday, December 29, 2012

**December Days**

I might seem hard to believe, but there have been days this week that have actually topped my favorite day list ahead of Christmas itself.  

The glorious pre and post Christmas Day snow (and it's snowing again today:

 Snow Shovelling - only loving it because I don't have to do it!  I love watching the little clean paths appear.
 I love to watch the sledding and wish I was brave enough to join in.
 Finally finishing my diagonal stripe blanket:
 It was a chore.  I can't remember were I found the pattern exactly, but the pattern itself was very easy to follow.
 However, the stitches were not fluid or flowing.  You have to work into the side of a stitch, which I found very annoying. Oh and the yarn was "Impeccable Worsted", which although feels soft was sort of stiff to work with.   Anyway, Little J claimed it and declared it his favorite.
Bestest Best Day Ever in December - My Middle J came home! 
A total surprise last night in the middle of dinner.  I had no clue and the Mister had been able to keep it a secret all week. I cried. But those good happy tears.
His girls - Pigpen and Lucie - were VERY happy to see him.
I do hope your last couple of days of December and the year 2012 have been has wonderful as mine.



  1. Hello Louise

    Wow, this is great news, your son back home safe! The blanket is beautiful. So many, many hours until it was finished! And, it's snowing at your place, so you are not at all interested in an indoor snowball fight, aren't you? You might want to check the colourful version of my whities then. :-) Stay happy! Regula

  2. How wonderful, what a surprise. Nice picture of middle j. With his dogs, snoopy fans. Pigpen was always my favourite.
    Louise x

  3. Well I for one can understand your happiness at having him home. Your snowy pics are fabulous after our heat. So pretty!
    Cheers from Helsie

  4. Happy New Year Louise! That was the best Christmas present and wonderful surprise! I love your snowy photos and the new blanket looks gorgeus on the snow! Hugs to your puppies! x Teje
    Ps. I have finally moved my blog and the name is the same 'Nero's Post and Patch'.


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