Wednesday, September 3, 2014

:: WIP Wednesday ::

School is back in after a long summer break and the dreaded homework is back....ugh....Grade 7 homework ....double UGHHHHHH!  The pain of which is lessened by a new patchy WIP and another fabulous machine saved from the flea market shelves do doomed.  A little tinkering, some help from Mr Google and of all things a little warmth from my hair dryer and this beauty is back in action.  Sews like a dream.  I LOVE vintage machines.

Toodle Pip!!!!!


  1. All the best for your son with school and homework.

  2. Great retro feel to the quilt your making. I love vintage machines too, I like the solidness of them. which one does the best button hole? Homework, gosh Im pleased my children are past that stage not that I was much help.

  3. Hi, I love your craft, is beauty, I love a colors, I follow your blog, hugs from Brazil.
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