Thursday, June 26, 2014

Reality and the Reasons

Firstly, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all your supportive words on my last post.  They have lifted me and helped me move forward.  As you know I work from home and have little social interaction, some days it's debilitating and lonely.  I have no family in this country and few friends, so those kind words really do mean the world to me.  

So just a few very random things.....and nonsense if you make it to the end.

I've been hooking like mad for my little mad/expanding childish obsession :-) Heaven help me!!!!!!  But those little hats come together SO fast and i get to use fancy sparkly silver and gold crochet thread.
 I've started a new obsession with these cheap and cheerful 1950 's (?) ceramic elephants and lambs. I know, nuts, but for a dollar, I can't say no!
 Last night I go stuck into some sewing.  First I fixed this cranky old machine. It belonged to my MIL, it has the weirdest bobbins, sews like a tank, but does do a nice stitch. I really don't care to sew on it, don't know why, but I don't.  As it was working and ready to sew I did a little stitching (small quilty thingy next to the machine).  I thought you might like a peek at my messy sewing area.  This is it in its natural state and I'll be honest with you, it ALWAYS looks like this.  Apparently, I'm not tidy by nature. :-)
 And this is the disaster of our dining room table.  Overflow from my sewing. It's been a few days since we've eaten at the dining room table.  Please don't be too horrified, but if you're like me I know you love a nosey in other peoples houses.  Oh and see that thick folder on the table?  That'll get a mention later.
 On another note, my garden is going nuts this year!  I love it.  It really has helped keep me from going over the edge.
 I love going outside to piddle around in the evenings and see what's growing. It's a little wild.
 But I love picking the peas and pulling up weeds.  Good therapy I tell ya!
OK so seriously, that was a wacky post and I'm impressed you've made it this far.  Just briefly, lets talk about the things that are driving me a little crazy.  We'll go in order, from less bothersome, to ok this is going to drive me b@tsh*t crazy:
  • Little J and his attacks of the wanties.  Not the, I want a bar of chocolate, or buy me this $10 toy, but I want a pair of headphones that cost $380.  Kid can work a really good guilt trip, can be like an endless dripping tap on the annoyance level, but I've worked really hard an almost mastered him with the firm NO. No twelve year old needs wireless Beats by Dr Dre, right???
  • The Mister.  My doctor described my relationship with him perfectly. I love him to bits, but 6 days out of 7 I can't stand him. Apparently her husband is the same?  He may drive me crazy.  He's very understanding and apologetic, as long as HE isn't the problem. Man does not know how to say sorry. Ugh. Can't be all that bad, we've been married 19 years!  Sorry, just had to get that one off my chest.
  • Ever increasing, never decreasing medical bills (folder on my dining room table is now over an inch thick with bills)!  I could have flown home to Australia and had my health issues dealt with for cheaper!  Health insurance in this country SUCKS.
  • My Job.  Still hanging precariously in the balance and the people I have to deal with are getting more insane by the day. Actually, now I've typed that I think my give a damn is busted. I don't really care if I lose my job anymore.  Bring it on I say!!!!
  • My neighbors.  This is actually the worst thing. The thing that has made me really fragile.  I'm the kind of person who doesn't like conflict.  Not one bit. I'm the peacekeeper who tries to see good in everyone. I've tried for 18 months with these people.  Tried.  The trying is over, they are now trying my patience. I'm from the school that my pets are my family. They're from the school that pets are like toys, you put them in the cupboard when you are tired of them.  It breaks my heart, it breaks my sons heart.  We've had tears over it today when we nearly convinced them to let us have their cat (the one who helped me break my ankle and is sister to our cat).  Tell me, who leaves their puppy/dog tied up in a torrential downpour that saw land slides on our street and the end of it under 4 feet of water?  Who locks up their cat cage outside, because they don't want it to get pregnant, don't want it in the house, but are too cheap to get it spayed?  UGH I tell ya!  UGH.  The good news is I'm not the only annoyed neighbor, we're banding together to solve this one.
Phew!  That was ALOT wasn't it?  See why I'm crazy? Is it just me, or would these things make you nuts too?

Ok I'm off. I've ordered pizza for dinner and then I plan to get stuck into some more sewing.  Actually, while I was typing this, Little J has just 'sold' me the desk in his room for $5.  Anything to get him to stop pestering me while I write this post.  :-)

Toodles...L x 


  1. You do seem to have a lot of things going on in your life to cope with and I know just how hard it can all be especially for you being in a country so far from your motherland and your family. Our Nation Health Service is not always perfect (make that not often perfect) but at least we can get medical care for free - we have paid into it all our working lives of course but we don't have to worry about paying if we are ill or need care. I gather Mr Obama wants to introduce something like it in USA but it isn't always welcomed especially by those who have private health care paid for by their employers anyway! Husbands can sometimes drive us nuts even though we love them dearly - you are not alone with that one and perhaps the American character is different to the Ozzie one which would make it more difficult to deal with. All kids go through the wanties which can be wearing but do stick to your guns on that one and your son will grow up to thank you for the fact even if he never says so! Is there any possibility of finding another job? It's hard to spend time doing something that is wearing you down I know and lastly the neighbours - well that is a hard one I know from experience when our one time neighbours nearly drove me over the edge for different reasons but it did all work out in the end so hopefully something will come along to solve this one for you too. I know the feeling of going round in circles and to fear going down the hole in the middle if you know what I mean and so I do so empathise with you and wish that I could pop round for a chat and give you a hug. If you'd like a pen pal I'm here for you - I think of you daily when I see my little quilt hanging on my kitchen wall and would love to become a penfriend if you wanted me to. My thoughts are with you and I hope that your creativity and some soil beneath your fingers (not at the same time) will keep you going during this difficult time.

    1. Thank you Jane for your lovely supportive words, so much appreciated.

  2. Sounds like things are looking up a bit..... Or you are at least coming to grips with them. You know what you need is some time out of the house with other women. Women need other women - for a laugh, to bitch about their husbands and kids ....but mostly to lean on. Is there a club, quilting group, gym or some hobby group that you can join for a bit of " me" time ? I'm sure it would make a difference.

    1. In my village I am part of a small group of girls that meet up for coffee, wine etc. on birthdays or just when we could do with a laugh, usually in the afternoon for a few hours at someones house. Once your children reach a certain age you dont see Mums to chat and socialise with, which is why we started this. Its good fun and I would definately recommend it.

    2. Thank your Louise and Helsie! I'm definitely going to look into joining a group or perhaps taking a course at our community college. They have a quilting class that looks like fun. Your are right, the socialize interaction with other woman really is the best things when life is getting tough.

  3. I have a neighbour that is exactly the same. they have been through 2 dogs now and a rabbit and they are always left outside in the cold and rain and even snow and the mess is not even picked up! My beading work-space is the messiest, the only upside is that I have to move it all for when I have to work :)


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