Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sharpsburg - Maryland

As with most holiday weekends these days, the past Memorial Day weekend saw the Mister join his Masonic/Shriner buddies to drive his little yellow car in a parade.   Lately I've been staying home when he toddles off to drive his little car.  To be honest, I've seen enough parades in the last couple of years to last me a lifetime, but as I've never been to Sharpsburg before and it's a good distance from our little town and close to some interesting historic places I'd decided to tag along.  

 (Loved the old flag stone foot paths on main street.)
 (I loved the old wrought iron fences,but as I was dodging people setting up to watch the parade, none of my snaps turned out well.  My perfect house would be an old two storey red brick with an old iron fence)
  (Library/Town Hall - if you ever find yourself in need of the 'facilities' in Sharpsburg, this is the place to head)

(Horses, the only things I deem worthy of a parade photo anymore - although technically the parade hadn't started when I took this photo)

Sharpsburg is a lovely little old and very historic town being that it is situated just a couple of miles down the road from Antietam Battlefield.  The population is barely over  700 and the town seems to have changed little in appearance over the last one hundred years.  There really wasn't much to this town I discovered after walking the rather long length of Main Street in search of a place to spend a penny.  One very busy icecream parlor, a bank and two crowded public bars.  Despite my long walk, the weather was perfect, the people friendly and I fell in love with the smallness, simplness and oldness (is that a word?) of this town. I just loved it. I have a thing for old houses, old architecture and Main Street towns. I would move there tomorrow.  And I will definitely go back for another wander around, perhaps on a parade free day (less people = better photos?) with the Mister in tow. I didn't do much other than my quest for the loo (thank you kindly lady in the library) and enjoying a nice shady vantage spot to watch a perfectly short and sweet parade. 

A lovely afternoon out.

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Toodles...L x 


  1. I love your photos. It gives me a feel of the "real America" I have only be to the USA once (New York) and my dear husband made me visit all the sights and Museums. I just wanted to go shopping ;0)
    I thank the kind lady in the Library too. How often is it that us girls need a little kindness like this? I subscribe to the ethos of "small random acts of kindness". Surprise a stranger!!!!

  2. What a nice little town. love the house with the dormer windows and varandah, but where is the Mister in his little yellow car?


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