Thursday, April 10, 2014

Learning Curve or Not

Hello!  Happy Thursday. 
Isn't this new month of April just whizzing by? 
Light speed I tell you. 
It's going be over before I've even realized it started.
I still think it's March.
On to today's lesson, where I'm fairly certain my learning curve is more like a gentle bend in the road, or perhaps it's more like going off a cliff? There certainly is no curve. I either get it in a dramatic way or it takes Forever.  Anyway, a few weeks, but more likely months back, I finally killed my old Blackberry work phone.
It was old. 
This I was told constantly by Little J, "Just how OLD is that phone Mum? You know people don't use those phones anymore." I wasn't too bother it was old and out of date. It was a work phone, no dollars out of my pocket and it worked.  But it doesn't anymore, so now I have a new fancy smart phone.  So complicated that the first time it rang I was fortunate Little J was on hand to show me how to answer it!  Yes really, I held it in my hand and screamed frantically for him to PLEASE help me - my boss was calling.
A normal person would have read the extensive users guide, but apparently I'm not normal.  But we knew that already, right?
Big J read it for me and informed me that it had quite nice camera on it, but unfortunately I refused to listen to his guidance or instructions.  Last week I would have told you the camera was crap.
Hence this blurry photo below.
 And this one of a lovely sunset, but very blurry. I'd line up the perfect shot, zoom in, get really excited, then my wobbly hand would try and tap the screen to take the photo.  
Clearly, or not as this is the case, my screen tap method wasn't working and I still wasn't listening to Big J.
A lovely blurry shot of the neighbors cat stalking my bird feeder. He stops by several times a day, watches the birds and looks in at me working away at my desk.
 And when he isn't stalking the bird feeder these amazing blue jays come by to visit.  I loved seeing them, brightening up crap days at work taking more blurry photos... 
 .....of beautiful birds through filthy dirty windows.
I do actually clean my windows, sometimes, but in my defense it had just rained.
 And then one day, completely by accident, my big fat finger hit a button on the side of  my phone and...Voila! A not so blurry photo of my first daffodils. Not great, but not so bad. 
Sorry, Big J what was that you said about using the button? At which point he'd given up and mumbled something about listening the first three thousand times he told me.
 And then, this afternoon, stuck in the only traffic jam ever to occur in our town, I discovered which button it was!
Not bad eh???
 And now I'm totally loving this new phone AND listening to my boy.
 And this somewhat crap week in April, with a very poorly dog at the vet, a very busy work schedule, crappity crap crap weather the first three days of the week, the...
Phone is now a pretty good camera, when the camera isn't around... 
The sun is NOW shining, goodbye rain....
My crocuses AND daffodils are blooming.... 
 And the Mister has promised that he WILL be free this weekend to help me finish a little roofing/shingle job I have going....
And the bench at the dining room table will be free for sitting on once again!
It's not often I say this, but its been a
here at the Gephart.
I do hope things are great for you too.
Thank you SO much for stopping by!
Toodles....L x ♥


  1. Hahaha! I lovr my smart phone camera too. It's very handy. Have a great weekend and fun with the shingling (is this a word?). Regula

    My week has not been great but I'm trying to get back on track ....

  2. Hi Louise
    glad your enjoying new technology, cant get to grips with mine. Busy,busy week. too much sewing, eyes are tired. Have a great weekend.

  3. Lovely Louise it is so hard getting used to new techno things but you will get there in the end. I love your photographs particularly the daffodils which are my most favourite flowers of all time. Sounds as if you are going to have a busy weekend so I hope it all goes well for you Louise. A lovely post as always, sending you lots of loves and hugs


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