Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Stitching - Little Ta Dah!

Hello!  Happy Sunday!
My lovely boss a.k.a. my  best friend gave me these two teeny tiny bear kits she had bought some 24 years ago and never made.
The penny shows the scale of the bear - TINY - in fact the picture of the bear in the kit photo is actually bigger than the finished bear.  The kit includes the fuzzy fabric, ribbon, thread and the tiniest needle ever so you have everything to make your bear.
I started with the ballerina bear, hoping it would be easiest with white fabric and white thread.  So far making the bear wasn't too bad, but believe me, it's tiny. Threading the needle was a challenge and cutting out the tiny pieces proved tricky.  Little bear is at most 2 inches tall, maybe smaller. 
Here's my bear next to a standard size reel of reel of thread.
Isn't she tiny?  And very sweet.
I haven't made her tutu yet, just giving my eyes a chance to recover from all those small stitches.  Parts of her were made inside out and then turned, like her body and head, but the arms and legs I whipped stitched right side out.
My boss said to bring her over to her fathers house so he could tie the bow on her head!  He's 82 years old and apparently can do magic with tweezers to make tiny bows.  Can't wait to see that happen.
Little bear only took two evenings to complete along with a bucket load of patience, but I really enjoyed this make and can't wait to start on the bee!
Hope you've had a wonderful weekend stitching!
Toodles...L x ♥


  1. Oh the little bear is so sweet. Can't wait to see how the other bear turns out.


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