Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Magic Loop - Mastered?

At last!  
I've mastered the Magic Loop.  
It truly is a brilliant way to knit in the round.  I am in love with the magic loop.....
....but unfortunately I have not mastered gauge.  
Not even close to getting it right.
Phooey on you gauge, I just want to knit Big J a hat in his favorite colours - Maroon & Orange for the mighty Hokies and Virginia Tech!
I will however persevere.  I think it will be easier for me to master the art of getting gauge just right, rather than mastering the art of shrinking Big J's head.

Any tips on getting gauge right would be most welcome!

Toodles...L x 


  1. Gauge is my problem too and it keeps me away from knitting after failing so many times. Such a shame because knitting is such a craft eveyone must learn at some point of their lives. I wish you good luck and a lovely day! GAia.

  2. Mybe try a different size of needle? When I think back it doesn't seem so long ago you were a beginner knitter and now here you are doing all sorts of clever things! Do hope you get the gauge sorted so that the hat fits Big J's head and you don't have to resort to boiling his head to shrink it!! Hope your black dog has stayed away - I had a glimpse of his cousin here yesterday but a walk in the sunshine and I'd left him behind!!

  3. Hi Louise I have never mastered the magic loop so well done you - your picture of the yarn made me giggle as it reminds me of mine. I agree with Marigold Jam and think I would test out some different size needles until you find one which suits - trial and error - I am too impatient sometimes to my cost with my knitting so it is worth keeping at it. A great post Louise thank you, keep warm and cosy, big hugs

  4. I love the colours for Big J's hat.
    I have just started knitting in the round and have made one sock, of which I am very proud. I have to show it to everyone. Goodness know how long it will be before the second one arrives ;0)

  5. I've bought the yarn and will start my socks soon .... :-)


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