Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Not In My House!

Hello!  Happy Tuesday.

I do hope you are well and the weather is treating you kindly.  If you are across the pond I do hope that nasty weather either skipped you by or blew through without too much bother.

We didn't get any snow last week, much to my disappointment. It seems the weather man was wrong again.  The weather has been windy and chilly and the leaves are quickly disappearing, but we've had beautiful blue skies. 
 We had a hard frost the other night and it's basically killed off everything in the garden except a few violets and violas.
  Luckily, the day before it hit I scurried (or hobbled) out into the garden to rescue a few last blooms.  I love this marigold close up, slightly out of focus it almost looks painted.
I rescued the last of the zinnias to adorn the coffee table and I managed to put a few finishing stitches on a little table runner I started an absolute age ago.
So nothing exciting going on here and it's been a quiet few days, although the critters here at the Gephart have kept us entertained.
Mrs.Spudinski has become besotted with a certain gentleman who's hanging out temporarily in this box while is accommodation is undergoing it's weekly Sunday clean.
I don't think I've mentioned Woody before on my blog.  He's been residing at the Gephart for about a year now.  A total character and very much loved by all who meet him, especially Spud.  They've been buddies since she took up residence, but lately she's been spending a lot more time hanging out with him.
The second you open his cage she's in, there's no stopping her and she has one mission in mind, to get into Woody's little hidey hole....of course Woody says other wise....
Not in my house!!!!
 Yes, he's one whopper of a guinea pig, but of course Spud isn't full grown.  They really do love each other.  Spud hangs out on the top of Woody's cage and he talks to her and they sniff each other. She's been known to give him the odd lick, well I hope it's a lick and not a taste!  It's really very sweet. Of course, we watch her VERY closely when she jumps in his cage. Right now he's big enough to push her around and tell her no, she can't go in his house and when she does get in he goes in after her and chases her out. So far, so good, but I think once she is bigger than him the game will have to stop.  
They really are best buddies and provide us with endless entertainment.
As anyone ever heard of a cat and guinea pig being friends before? I do wonder how long it will last.

Toodles...L x ♥


  1. Lovely to see blue skies and autumn leaves. Our leaves this year don't seem to be so colourful possibly due to the fact we haven't yet had any frost or cold weather! Love your kitty - so beautiful and at that age too they are such fun. Glad he gets on with the guinea pig and hope that he never forgets who was boss when he gets bigger!

  2. Hi Louise what a wonderful post just loved it, thank you. The colours in your photos are fabulous and what a cute little kitty and guinea pig - adorable. Have a wonderful week, lots of hugs

  3. how sweet, never seen that before. Your cat looks lovely I love tortoise shell cats. As for the weather, we were supposed to get the strong winds but it wasnt as bad as anticipated. The weather men never quite get it right.


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