Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Summer Flowers

Even though I am stuck inside most days, waiting patiently (ok sometimes not so patiently) for my ankle to heal, I can feel the season changing.  The nights are starting sooner and cooler and I can see the leaves starting to change.  I'm sad I missed the end of summer, but I feel this change is helping me pass the days more quickly till I am back walking again *fingers crossed*
The menfolk have been, for the most part, very patient with me and obliging my requests for them to go out into the garden and bring me beautiful bunches of flowers so I don't miss them before they end.
I love these flowers SO much.
When my situation gets me down (far too often) I lift my spirits by enjoying the amazing colours of these beautiful blooms.

 I've treated myself to another expensive, but oh so lovely magazine.  I'm contemplating a subscription to this particular one, as I love it and it would be so much cheaper than buying them individually.  I only wish I knew if you got the free gift with the US subscription.  Does anyone know?  Half the joy of this magazine is the sweet free gift.
 I spent a happy Sunday stitching up my fishes from my latest issue. I feared they'd be fiddly and frustrating and with my patience at an all time low I contemplated them for many days before digging in.  I had to ditch my beloved vintage Bernina for my modern machine as my 'pedaling' leg is out of action.  My Brother machine has a wonderful button you can use instead of a foot pedal.  It's really a lovely machine to sew with when working on fiddly projects.
As it turns out, this fishes were super easy!
 Whilst in this positive sewing mood I set to and cut out some squares to start something patchy. It never occurred to me that when I use my rotary cutter and mat I am usually standing up, cutting squares while seated was quite a challenge, but I am loving using up scraps and a soft old sheet.  My favorite colours and simple patchwork squares, it's coming along a treat.
Its so lovely to be back to my blog.  I've really missed this space and I didn't realize how much it cheered me to type a few little words and share a few photos.  I must try to get back more and not let this broken ankle get me down.
Two more sleeps till I see the Dr. after six weeks of hopping around on crutches.  Fingers crossed tightly he puts me back on the road to walking!

Thank you for stopping by!

Toodles....L x ♥


  1. It's nice to read you! Hopefully, you can walk again soon. It seems you've made good use of your time. The fish are lovely. Have fun with your fancy machine.

  2. I was thinking about you this morning and there is a post. Molly Makes is a nice magazine, but yes a bit expensive. Glad you are managing to sew, you have some lovely flowers in your garden . I too love those pink flowers, they give a nice show of colour at the end of summer.

  3. Oh Louise it is so lovely to read your blog - big get well soon hugs to you. I love the fishes, I still have to do mine - they are in my massive WIP basket! Your flowers are just glorious and I am so glad that you are enjoying them. Can't wait to see your quilt - I would love to do one but haven't the confidence. Keep your chin up Louise, we are all here behind you willing you on.
    Lots of love


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