Sunday, July 7, 2013

Finishing Up an Old Project

A couple of weeks back when rummaging through a box of half finished projects I came across a little bag (YES another one) that I made a few years back, but never quite finished.  I wasn't too keen on it when I finished it, but after rediscovering it I thought it was worth a few minutes of my time to finish the handle and add a lining. 

Once it was finished I decided to give a test run, see how I liked it.  I have to say, for a person who has as many bags as I do (call me the 'bag lady') this little bag has become an all time favorite.  I switch my bags out regularly and this one I have stuck with over the last two months I love it so much! 
 The bird fabric has been hoarded for a VERY looonnnng time.
I l♥ve this fabric and it was perfect for this project.
 Love those little birds.
 The bag is made of two strands of crochet cotton thread - either red with purple or red with pink.  I had spied a SAK bag at the store, fell in love and figured I could easily make one. Of course it didn't turn out quite like the one in the store, but it did cost about 1/5 the price.
 Of course it took two years hidden in a box and the lining for me to love it.
The photos are realize are total crap, but this bag is really wonderful!

Toodles...L x ♥

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