Monday, January 26, 2015

26 January - Snow Day!

It's been a mega snowy day here today.  It sort of caught me off guard, even though the news has been blasting about a big storm for days - apparently I haven't been paying attention.  Anyway, I've loved the snow day.  It's been a change from the dull grey of winter and it has covered the dirty snow left from the last storm, making it all white and pretty again.
It's still snowing outside and the weatherman says it will continue through the night.  I'm secretly hoping for another snow day tomorrow - no school run always makes me happy.  Meanwhile I'm inside, nice and warm and working neat rows of stitching on my little star quilt above.  I'll tell you about this quilt one of these days, once the memory of the many swear words that passed my lips whilst creating it aren't so fresh in my mind.  ☺ 
Toodles....L x ♥
P.S.  I asked the Mister to take a few snaps of the snow for me.  This is what he presented me.....lovely eh?
Yes, Charlie is having a wee in the snow!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

21 January - Quietly


The New Year continues in a slow and quiet manner.  The whole house has been struck down with some dreaded lurgy, the kind that makes you think you're getting  better only to feel worse the next day. 
Today I took a day off work (yes, a sickie) watched the snow fall, slept, sorted my embroidery floss, admired my little stitched Russian dolls and hooked a few rows.  Best medicine ever. I feel almost human again!
Before the lurgy struck, I snuck down to Virginia for a few days, with just my boys, to see my Middle J who was back from the West Coast.  It was bliss.  Now I'm not known for showing my face around here or in front of any camera in general, so don't be too frightened at the photo below, but I thought it turned out quite well.  A treasured moment with my three boys.
Toodles  L x ♥

Sunday, January 11, 2015

11 January - Stitching

I know I've been very quiet so far this year, not what I'd hoped, but I won't dwell on it. I have been busy stitching, hooking and knitting.  Not a lot of successes so far, but time well spent.
Happy Stitching in 2015 thus far...

I hope to do a lot more as the year rolls on.
Toodles  L x ♥
P.S. Please excuse the wobbly photo from my phone.  ☺