Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Left Over Blanket

Just a super fast post today, as I'm supposed to be packing to spend a couple of days away. 
Nothing glamorous or exciting, just two days in Virginia putting the in-laws ramshackle rundown summer house to bed for the winter.  We only went down there twice this year thanks to a certain someone breaking something......
Anyway, onward.  The little crochet I was working on the other day is finished.  Worked up super duper fast and all from left overs.  I snapped these photos early Sunday morning while I had the chance encounter with sunshine in my bedroom. 
 Nothing super special, but I do love the way it looks against my granny stripe,
 Not particularly large, enough to cover your lap and then some, but it came together oh so fast.  Maybe three weeks?  I didn't work on it everyday, just a few minutes here or there,but those trebles seem to fly off my hook.
Bit of a wibbly wobbly photo, doesn't really do it justice.  I was going to donate this yarn, because until you wash it, it's a wee bit squeaky.  I am glad I didn't as I really enjoyed working on this little blanket.

Thank you for stopping by! I do hope all is well with you and the weather is treating you kindly. I see flurries out my window....

Must run.....

Toodles  L x 

P.S.  To all those folks celebrating tomorrow.....

Saturday, November 23, 2013

♥ Sunshine & Snow ♥

Today a little sunshine....

Tonight a little snow!
It's been a chilly, but beautiful sunny day here today. 
I have banished the grey cloud, made friends with the black dog and had the most productive day sewing curtains and cleaning my bedroom from top to bottom with a little furniture shuffle.

It feels good.

I feel good.

The snow this evening was like icing on the cake.

Hope you've had a wonderful Saturday too.

Thank you for stopping by!

Toodles...L x 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Magic Loop - Mastered?

At last!  
I've mastered the Magic Loop.  
It truly is a brilliant way to knit in the round.  I am in love with the magic loop.....
....but unfortunately I have not mastered gauge.  
Not even close to getting it right.
Phooey on you gauge, I just want to knit Big J a hat in his favorite colours - Maroon & Orange for the mighty Hokies and Virginia Tech!
I will however persevere.  I think it will be easier for me to master the art of getting gauge just right, rather than mastering the art of shrinking Big J's head.

Any tips on getting gauge right would be most welcome!

Toodles...L x 

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Little Floral Satchel

Hello!  Happy was a beautiful sunny day, but as with most Mondays I'm so glad the day is over.
Over the weekend, in a bid to keep my fingers busy and because I have a never ending love of bags, I decided to do a little bag stitching.  It's not perfect, but as I used nothing but what I had on hand, I'm quite happy with it.
I love this floral fabric I found on eBay for a song.  You may recognize it as my blog background - I love it so much I plopped it on my scanner to make an image for my background - yep, confirmed nutter :o).
The navy blue strap didn't quite match the rest of the bag, so I sewed some green bias binding on to tie it all together.  Sorry the photos don't show well, I had some serious Big J/Little J interference when taking photos. It was one of those 'take the photos now moments' or it was never going to get done.
 I always love red gingham - table cloth or bag lining, the colours make me smile.  I remember my Mum always having red gingham curtains in her laundry room and I have loved this pattern ever since.
 A little red ric rac is always just the thing - on the inside pocket and across the back.
 I still need to figure out a proper attachment to close the flap, those elk teeth buttons are really just decoration.
 It's not perfect, it's not the CK bag of my dreams, but it provided me with a few hours of smiling while I stitched and I'll be happy to sling this over my shoulder when I leave the house.
Toodles....L x ♥

Sunday, November 17, 2013

:: November ::

Hello! So sorry to have been gone so long.....
November arrived for me with a huge grey cloud hanging over head and that was closely joined by the dreaded black dog.  The cloud is still here, perhaps a paler shade of grey and I've shooed away the black dog. I am praying for blue skies like we enjoyed today for the rest of the month.  It has not been a good month so far, but with 13 days left I'm determined it will get better.

Today while the sun shone, the boys cooked the most delicious sausages on Big J's dinky fold up stove.
Whilst the boys cooked sausages I made an enormous mess sewing on the dining room table.  Oh how I wish I had my on little crafting space.  Tidying up after each session has a tendency to darken the grey cloud and stop me from wanting to sew. Perhaps if I had tidier tendencies, it wouldn't be such a problem!
It was actually a lovely sewing session, making what I enjoy making most - another bag!!!  Hopefully not to be slung to the back of the cupboard when I am done.
I decided enough was enough, hoarding found treasures is no fun when they are tucked away in drawers, so I embellished my bag with the tiny doily I found with the Singer 24 sewing machine I rescued last year. Whilst rummaging for the tiny doily, I rediscovered some rather sweet, but slight odd buttons I bought at the Fort Frederick Market fair in the spring.  They are very sweet to look at, but considering they are made from real elks teeth, I find them a wee bit odd. 
For a change I've left my mess on the table and we ate our sausages in front of the telly, such a treat for us.
On a completely different note, last weekend, in a last ditch attempt to extract the men folk from their video games and to get me outside in the sunshine they had a real treat, while I hid in the car with hearing protection.

 Yes, that's Little J loading his gun at the shooting range.  It's only a 22, but when I say that, he and I both know it is very deadly, but not very noisy compared to the other guns at the range.  As you can see, he happily wears both hearing and eye protection.  He is very sensible when it comes to his gun and this is a REAL treat for him, only the second time he has fired it.  Most kids his age (boys and girls) in our area frequently go hunting with their family members.
 Big J doesn't have a gun, but he was happy to take turns with Little J's and the Misters.  Love how Little J is always so serious - a good thing in my books.  
 So whilst the boys blasted their ears and practiced their aim, I hid in the car and did a little hooking in the sunshine.
A lovely morning was had by all!

Sorry of this post started rather glum and then got off on an odd topic, I do find it rather therapeutic to say how I really am feeling and I thank you all for listening/reading.  I do hope weren't too shocked to see what my boys get up to, but I do like to document these moments, a bit like writing in a little diary.

Wishing all is well with you!

Thank you SO much for stopping by after my little absence.

Toodles...L x ♥